Month: March 2010

Fly Buys

March 26, 2010 ark-com

"Fly Buys has come a long way with its online communications since those early campaigns back in 2004. Obviously there's been a large amount of change to make this happen – technology choices, creative suppliers, and internal team members – nevertheless, the path to where we are now from where we were has been a smooth and successful one. I put our relationship with Permission during this period as being an integral part of this achievement."

– Chris Lamers, Head of Marketing and Product Development

If you were a Fly Buys member back in mid 2004 you may have in your Inbox the first ever email message sent as a campaign on behalf of the Loyalty New Zealand marketing team. Back then Fly Buys had dispatched only a small number of email campaigns, all through agency providers. Unfortunately, these projects had taken longer than expected to deploy and came at a cost that made any ongoing campaign work seem cost prohibitive.

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March 25, 2010 ark-com

“Permission has been an integral part of our success. In our business it’s all about engaging with the right type of prospect at the right stage of the sale. Working with Permission has helped us tap into a steady stream of these types of people.”

– Mike Candy, Agrigarden Distributors

Agrigarden Distributors are based in St Heliers, Auckland, and began working with Permission in January 2006. They represent the Grillo Ride On Mower brand in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as other leading garden equipment manufacturers.

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