Month: June 2011

Website Conversions – The “Back Field” Pages That Make all the Difference

June 28, 2011 ark-com

The soccer season is well underway and my Saturdays until early afternoon are spent ferrying both girls (11 and 14 years old) to their respective grounds and shouting “encouragement” from the sidelines. Both are fortunate this season to have a great bunch of girls to play with and a coach who is keen and able to help them develop.

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Website Conversions – Time to Follow Up Some Profits?

June 24, 2011 ark-com

I have never come across a business that has achieved that nirvana moment of reliably converting 100% of their prospects into clients. Some have come close – a few I have met are in the high 80’s – but none have hit that magic 100%. It’s probably a near impossible act to reliably achieve.

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Website Optimisation – Conducting a “Prospect Fit” for Your Website

June 20, 2011 ark-com

A few weeks ago I was convinced to cycle from Rotorua to Taupo with a few friends in what they loosely referred to as the “100k Flyer”. I had recently purchased a new bike – think commuter hybrid not shiny carbon road machine – and was secretly keen to see how we would go. So I was in.

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Online Marketing – The Proof behind Social Proof

June 16, 2011 ark-com

Know a good electrician? How about someone to help fix the rather sad roof on our bach? Or even a business who knows the best way to fix a roof rack to Claire’s car? These are just a few situations in which I needed help this month and each one had me asking people around me for some suggestions. In each case it worked. We found just the person to help fix our fuses, mend our roof and strap our bikes safely to the roof of the Mazda.

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