Month: July 2011

Website Conversions – Go Knock on Some Doors

July 30, 2011 ark-com

One of my early roles in direct selling had me selling business form printing. Back then, it was all dot matrix, tractor-fed invoices with holes either side, all with multiple copies that were ‘bash printed’ on loud machines that sat inside noise-proofed rooms. Remember that? Well, selling boxes and boxes of that type of printing was my life for nearly 3 years.

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Website Analytics – To be Honest, I Don’t Know What you are Doing – Just Keep it up!

July 25, 2011 ark-com

My client said this as he slid the sales statistics for the previous month and the last year across the table to me. It made for impressive reading. Their e-commerce website was leaping forward in double digit growth in what looked like a monthly sequence. They had sold more in the last month than most Kiwi companies would aspire to do in a year. But in reality, for me, it was a sign of bad news ahead.

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Online Marketing – Two Horror Stories: Six Lessons Worth Learning

July 20, 2011 ark-com

These are a couple of bad news stories that fortunately finish with happy endings and with some lessons for you. For these two new clients, March was not a good month, with each of them going through their own online marketing horror story. Fortunately, we were able to be the knights in shiny web-page armour and helped remove them as quickly as we could from the proverbial smelly stuff.

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Website Conversions – Levers, Fulcrums and Your Website: A Strange but Profitable Partnership

July 15, 2011 ark-com

For some strange reason, memories of my old physics classes seem to crop up on a regular basis within these pages. I’ve prattled on about how explosive the experiments were and how all this work was underpinned with some solid ‘problem busting’ scientific thought. Both of which I have then gone on to apply as possible solutions to the problems businesses may be facing in a down economy.

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Free Quote Request for Start up Businesses

July 12, 2011 ark-com

Quote Request for Start up Businesses

Every website needs some marketing to achieve its ful


Website Optimisation – Peeking Over Their Shoulders

July 7, 2011 ark-com

This week I was amazed to read that the US Air force has more pilots training to fly Drones than regular piloted aircraft. Over the last 10 years they have gone from flying less than 50 unmanned aircraft to now having over 700 Drones in service.

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Social Media – Facebook: For Really Smart Non-Facebook People

July 5, 2011 ark-com

As some of the regular readers of this newsletter will know, I did not start out as Facebook’s biggest fan. And to be fair, while I have softened my stance ever so slightly, I would hardly put myself in the rather crowded room of social media evangelists. There’s way too many uber-cool people in this space for me to feel comfortable.

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