Month: July 2012

Video July 2012 Website Marketing Update

July 31, 2012 ark-com

Each month we invite customers along to our conference call.  This month we talked about the use of Video in your Online Marketing.  At the start of the call we run through any “new stuff” that we think is worthy of attention.  Here’s a clip of the “new stuff” we covered in July.


Three Upgrades to Improve your Chances of Website Marketing Success

July 30, 2012 ark-com

Last month I finally took the plunge and upgraded my mountain bike. The maintenance bills were starting to add up plus my aging body was struggling to cope with the bike’s rather agricultural suspension system. So after some serious pondering I settled on a Specialised Stumpjumper. A name with some irony because, being a rather […]


The one Google AdWords Account to Rule them All

July 16, 2012 ark-com

Let’s say you’re a large multinational operation with branches spread all over New Zealand and each and every branch manager is keen to get started with their own Google AdWords advertising campaign – all sending traffic to their part of the one website.   In a number of ways this is all good news.  However in […]