Month: August 2012

What’s New and worth Commenting – August 2012 Video Update

August 27, 2012 ark-com

Video Update – What’s new AND worth your attention.  Each month we run a customer conference call on online marketing that has at it’s start an intro to what we think is new AND worth commenting on.  Below is the video of this part of the call we covered today for August.   You can access […]


Optimising a High Volume Email Campaign Management Process

August 26, 2012 ark-com

Five Common Stumbling Blocks to Optimising a High Volume Email Campaign Management Process and How to Avoid Them We always recommend email marketing to be part of every online marketing plan. Somewhere, in some way, there will be a requirement to talk to either prospects or customers on a reasonably regular basis via email. For […]


Speed Networking Your Website

August 20, 2012 ark-com

Last Thursday I attended a Speed Networking function put on by the local chamber of commerce.  I was told to come armed with a stash of cards and a well polished 60 second summary of my business.  They were not wrong on both counts. After a nerve subduing glass of wine we were set up […]


Website Renovation – The Easy Path To Success Online

August 13, 2012 ark-com

Currently the Price Household is under siege on Wednesday and Thursday evening by a reality TV program.   This one has four couples pitched against each other as they all renovate one of four houses along the same street in Auckland’s North Shore.   Naturally being “reality TV” there’s a fair bit of drama along the way. […]