Month: January 2013

Website Marketing News – January 2013 Update

January 23, 2013 ark-com

Every month we hold a customer conference call that all of our customers are invited to join. At the beginning of these conference calls we have a section on what is new in the online marketing world that we believe is worthy of your attention. Below is a video of the introduction of January’s conference […]


Customer Lifetime Value – Finding The Gift That Keeps On Giving

January 21, 2013 ark-com

              My Kindle got a good workout during the holiday break and one book that stood out as worth a comment was the Arnold Schwarzenegger biography – Total Recall. Man – what a motivated soul Mr Muscles is. Anyway, one part that relates to online marketing is his life […]


Google AdWords – The Times Are a Changin’

January 10, 2013 ark-com

I first arrived in Auckland in August, 1986. I remember taking the bus from the airport into town and noticing the green fields of pasture along the way. Fresh from a 3 month tour of a very urban America this was a refreshing change. It reminded me of my home back in a very green […]