Month: February 2013

Website Marketing News – Video Update February 2013

February 26, 2013 ark-com

Every month we hold a customer conference call that all of our customers are invited to join. At the beginning of these conference calls we have a section on what is new in the online marketing world that we believe is worthy of your attention. This is a video of the introduction of February’s conference […]


When Another SEO Consultant is the Last Thing You Need

February 25, 2013 ark-com

Sometimes delivering more traffic to your website is the last thing required to finally make it work. Last month I completed a website marketing review for a website that highlighted this exact situation. They came to us complaining of a website delivering very little in the way of leads and on the hunt for a […]


Conversion Attribution – Following the Journey Not the Destination

February 12, 2013 ark-com

People behave in mysterious ways. For instance let’s imagine the expected path someone takes when noticing your paid advert in Google. This is how you would “think” the series of events would play out. First – search Google looking for what they want. Second – see your advert. Third – read your ad and agree […]