Month: September 2013

Google Analytics Update Page Speed Reports Now Include Suggestions

September 16, 2013 ark-com

Back in April 2010 Google posted on how they were incorporating a site’s speed as a new signal in their search ranking algorithm. More on this can be found on the Google Webmaster Central Blog. Recently Google Analytics received an update to show a series of recommendations to help webmasters improve their websites speed. To […]


Google Advanced Segments – Why Bother?

September 10, 2013 ark-com

Google Analytics recently updated the way in which users could build segments. The screens got a tweak to make them easier to use and a fair dollop of extra parameters were added. This all sounds super geeky and  of little use to most business owners, however because I’m writing about  it here I can assure […]


Website Marketing News – Video Update August 2013

September 5, 2013 ark-com

Every month we hold a customer conference call that all of our customers are invited to join. At the beginning of these conference calls we have a section on what is new in the online marketing world that we believe is worthy of your attention. This is a video of the introduction of July’s conference […]