Month: August 2015

Delivering Success Through a Screen the Size of your Hand

August 28, 2015 ark-com

Have you ever dealt with a customer who has very specific needs but who has breezed into your store in such a hurry that they don’t have the time to hear your sales spiel or hang around while you find the best option for them? These customers can be hard to please because they just […]


The Basics of Remarketing – what it is, how it works and who should apply it

August 27, 2015 ark-com

Do you sell a product or service that people generally take some time considering before they buy? Perhaps a month or two is required; maybe longer? This can pose a distinct marketing challenge. Let’s say, for example, that a prospect visits your website on day 1, pops back on day 7 and then, assuming they […]


Three Juicy Outcomes to Make All This Learning Worthwhile

August 2, 2015 ark-com

(As published in the Sunday Star Times, July 5th ,2015) Last month I spoke to a group on “How to Grow Your Business Through Google without Buying them a New Plane”. It sounds like I’m being a bit dramatic with that title, but I’ve crunched the numbers: inefficient Google advertising by numerous small NZ businesses […]