Month: March 2016

How lucky they those smart Yellow Pages advertisers are.

March 31, 2016 ark-com

Our copy of the Auckland 2016 Yellow Pages arrived this week. Don’t worry, this isn’t a beat up article decrying the cost of advertising within its pages and promoting a range of online alternatives. Think of it more as my take on why marketing in this medium is a super smart choice – for some. […]


Online marketing without Google? It’s not as scary as it seems.

March 29, 2016 ark-com

Recently Google rolled out a large change to how it presents its paid advertising. This freaked a number of people out for a bunch of reasons, not least of which were the scale of the change and the lack of warning of its implementation. A growing number of businesses rely on Google Search as their […]


Does Your Website Need Scrolling To Sell?

March 17, 2016 ark-com

Just imagine if the performance of your website is being held back simply because your visitors are not seeing your best content. Forget about them choosing not to read it – they just don’t get to see it. And this is not just any content. It’s all that “must read” information like testimonials, reviews, videos. […]


How to Avoid Content Shock With Your Google Advertising

March 9, 2016 ark-com

(As published in Marketing Online. Issue 4, March 2016) We have all experienced our own Google Advertising “Content Shock. The scenario usually unfolds like this. You are on the hunt for a person to help design a new brand for your business. You search Google using the phrase “brand design Auckland”. Immediately you start scanning […]