Month: August 2016

Google Reports To Measure What You Do On Your Sofa

August 26, 2016 ark-com

Learning about a new report from Google AdWords does not make most of us sit up and listen. Struggling already under a mass of data, finding out about one more set of metrics is not something most people celebrate. Which is a shame, because most reports in AdWords are there to help you avoid making […]


Look Over The Shoulder of Google’s Own Google Analytics Account

August 18, 2016 ark-com

Mastering Google Analytics on your own can be a challenge. Yes, there are tonnes of articles to wade through, hours of You Tube videos to keep you entertained, and lots to figure out as you browse your own reports. However, very rarely do you get the chance to look over the shoulder of somebody else’s […]


Google Adds 50% More Words to AdWords Ads

August 11, 2016 ark-com

Still reeling from the disappearance of all those exciting Google AdWords ads from the right hand side of Google Search? Well, as announced back in May by Google, there’s more change coming. One reasonably chunky one is that from October 26 you will no longer be able to create Google Text Ads in their current […]


Google Glass For Ark Advance Becoming A Premier Google Partner

August 4, 2016 ark-com

Thank you Google. This month we received this block of Google Glass and a swanky certificate to recognise our status as a Premier Google Partner.                           Basically, you move up a level of partner status by having more team members successfully complete Google […]


How to make your company more interesting

August 1, 2016 ark-com

A guest blog post from Colin Kennedy at Ironroad Communications It was 2008 and the world was neck deep in recession – the housing market had collapsed – and father-of-four children, Marcus Sheridan, was grappling with the reality that his pool building business was just weeks away from shutting its doors. His company, Rivers Pools and […]