Month: January 2018

Want to increase conversion rates? Check out Google’s updated marketing tool.

January 24, 2018 ark-com

In-Market Audiences is a powerful Google tool that helps you connect with potential customers at the perfect time – when they’re about to make a purchase decision. Launched in 2013 as In-Market Buyers, it was originally built on people’s queries and browsing history. These days, that operating principle remains but with much more power and […]


A new start for online sellers and shoppers alike

January 18, 2018 ark-com

While we’re passionate about online marketing, the reality is that most businesses that sell online also have a bricks and mortar presence. Often, the physical store still accounts for most revenue. If you’re in that camp, this article is for you. And it’s no accident that I’m writing it just after the silly season. A […]