There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to advertising online, especially at the beginning.

You may start with a very clear idea and definition of what it is you’re offering; but as you further consider the diverse needs and viewpoints of your potential clientele, you might not feel confident in deciding which words or phrases are going to have the greatest impact.

Fortunately, help is at hand, in the form of Google’s own responsive search ads.

Let the “magic” work for you

When you’re creating a responsive Google search ad, for example, you can include multiple taglines, descriptions and definitions for your product or service. Google will then build your ad dynamically from these, according to which search terms, keywords and messages are most likely to lead to a conversion result on your site.

Similarly, with responsive Google display adverts, you can load up an array of image options, as well as the text behind those images. Google will determine – automatically – that this image works better with that headline, and so forth.

The beauty of this is that it’s a core part of Google’s functionality: they have invested heavily in this technology, so you know it’s a resource you can leverage.

Instead of agonising over a decision on what ad copy is best, you can leave it in the hands of your audience and the power of Google to determine which combinations work best.

Let’s get started – together

So, if you’re struggling to create a single ad or online identity that is all things to all people, try this approach instead. As your digital marketing partner, ARK Advance can help you formulate the best range of taglines, search terms and imagery to cover as wide a range of your potential audience as possible.

From there, it’s simply a matter of letting Google do what it does best – run the numbers automatically, to raise the profile of the best performing ad combinations, and minimise or eliminate the display of any poor performers. Once again, the ultimate outcome will be better performing ads and higher quality sales leads for your business.

If this sounds like something your business could benefit, contact the friendly ARK Advance team today.

If you’re a regular internet browser, which is most of us these days, you’ll no doubt have noticed certain types of ads popping up with some regularity that are directly related to the websites you have visited prior.  It’s all part of a service called remarketing and when used wisely, it’s a really handy way to reinforce your brand and encourage your potential customers to take action.

Remarketing – see you again soon

If you’re in a service business, your sales cycle is likely to take longer on average than a straightforward product purchase. See our most recent blog for more on this.

Once a potential customer has visited your site, but not converted, you can then use remarketing to make sure they don’t forget you while they’re making their purchase decision.

In order to reach them with the most appropriate message, it’s important to analyse their previous activity. Using Google Analytics, you can establish which pages they visited on your site, how long they were there and so forth. This way, you know what they’re in the market for, and also where they came from – whether that’s an ad, a Google search or directly to your website.

The what, where and how

The key with retargeting messages is to empower your customer. They’ve already had the idea to purchase for themselves… you’re just giving them to boost they need to take action! For this reason, imperative call-to-action statements are popular, e.g. “Put your plans into action”. You can also create a sense of urgency, by displaying a limited-time discount offer on the service they viewed. 

As for where to reach them, Google Ads will do the leg work on that. Once your visitor has picked up a cookie from your site, Google will be able to reach them with your ads across their Google Display and YouTube networks.  Likewise social media sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest allow you to do the same. And once you’ve got some user data built up, you can then further analyse each channel to see where your best “bang for buck” remarketing ads are. 

The secret to good advertising is that it feels like customer service. By responding to your visitors’ activity and validating their interest, you are continuing to nurture the relationship and remind them that you’re ready and able to assist.

To set up, deploy and optimise remarketing for your business, talk to Ark Advance today.