Month: February 2020

War Of The Robots: Fighting Back Against Click Fraud

February 17, 2020 ark-com

Have you ever found yourself studiously avoiding your own paid links in Google, so that you don’t get charged for looking at your own website? Every click costs, regardless of the intent – and it turns out that it’s big business for fraudsters. By now, it won’t be news to anyone that all clicks are […]

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Five Years And Growing Strong With The Auckland Arts Festival

February 17, 2020 ark-com

At Ark Advance, we value strategic partnership and empowering organisations. As a Corporate Patron of the Te Ahurei Toi o Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland Arts Festival in 2020, we have a strong relationship in the heart of our community that continues to evolve with empowerment at its core.  Now in its fifth consecutive year, this partnership has […]


Atomic Power For Your SEO Solutions

February 17, 2020 ark-com

In his book Atomic Habits, the author James Clear proposes the benefits of tiny, incremental changes for significant long-term results. While the concept itself isn’t new, Clear’s comprehensive and approachable system for achieving personal change is proving popular, with more than a million copies of the book sold and counting. While we can see intellectually […]

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