Month: September 2012

What the iPhone 5 Means For Savvy Website Marketers

September 24, 2012 ark-com

The Apple iPhone 5 is coming to NZ and most website owners are missing out on the opportunity this represents as it adds to the rushing tide of Kiwi Smartphone use. But first let’s just cast our mind back to when it all started.  It wasn’t all that long ago.  In fact the first iPhone […]


Social Media Meltdown

September 17, 2012 ark-com

If this doesn’t get me banned from Face book then I don’t know what will. Last week I had two good days at a client’s conference in town.  They did an exceptionally good job of selecting the presentations; the venue and the catering.   The only low point was  the obligatory 45 minutes presentation on Social […]


I’ll Raise Your Hits with My Unique Visitors

September 3, 2012 ark-com

So your competitor tells you over a beer that they got 100,000 hits on their website last month.  You know that your numbers show just 5000 unique visitors.  Should you celebrate or commiserate? You would be surprised how many times we are asked to help others answer this question.  So let’s get stuck into the […]