Stand Out and Grow – The Path to Affordable Business Growth

Work "on" your business rather than "in" it." It's a mantra we frequently hear as business owners, but what exactly should we be doing "on" to give us the greatest return on our efforts?

Search Advertising Gets a Shake Up – A Lesson In Product Differentiation

How do you compete with Google search advertising? Billions of people use their search engine and keep coming back day after day.

2022 Year In Review

So what did we learn from 2022 that will guide our plans for 2023?

Why We Like Pinterest And Think You Should Too

We have been advertising on Pinterest for a number of years now. We have seen it work well. Here are three quick reasons why it could also work well for you.

Still Spending In Digital Marketing With No Idea If It’s Working?

You spend your money, you receive a report full of “stuff” and you have no idea what is going on. Is it a case of rinse and repeat or is it time for a different new and a different you? 

Differentiate Yourself on Customer Happiness – The Path to Better Sausages

Do you stand out from your competitors when your prospects go shopping? Or do you all offer the same with the “lowest price” being the only way to determine one from another? 

Time For A Mid Winter Tune Up? Nuggets of Advice from Business Owners A lot Smarter Than Me

I spend over a quarter of my time each week talking to really smart business owners. The common theme running through these chats has been the necessity to more with less.

Roomvo Helps Kiwi Renovators Create Their Ideal “After”

Why do we buy what we buy? It’s well understood that we buy for emotional reasons and justify our decision with rational thinking. So what are the emotions at play when people invest in their home?

Google Analytics 4 – When to Make the Move

Come July 2023, our Google Analytics accounts operating under the “Universal” tracking method will go dark and tracking will end. Google Analytics 4 will be the replacement and, all going well, we will enjoy and profit from the transition.

Guessing Becomes Mainstream In Digital Marketing

Measurement makes digital marketing work. Without it we’d be guessing, and that’s a poor strategy when money is on the line.

Three Ways To Help Your Marketing Messages Survive The Fuzzy World of Privacy Compliant Digital Marketing

Early on in my 20 years as a digital marketer, my focus spanned three areas: measurement; email marketing; and a small search engine that was gaining some traction, Google.  

Digital Marketing Loses Its Edge – Two Strategies To Keep Yours Sharp

I have a couple of strategies you can use to help achieve a similar edge during these changing times. But before we dig into the details, let’s talk about the types of digital advertising that are cause for concern.

Coffee and Magazines – Ideal Tools When Tuning Your Home Renovator Focused Website

Struggling to think how your home renovation focused website should look?  Or scratching your head trying to figure out why your website tuned to this market is failing to deliver?

Three Ingredients to Upgrade Your Website For 2022

You may think you need a kitchen full of ingredients to make a good meal, but if you choose the right ingredients, you’ll find that just a few essentials will do beautifully.

We’re 19 Years Old!

November marked 19 years since Ark Advance began. Loving what I do has helped Ark Advance reach this milestone.

Spending Plans Provide a Bright Spot in Lockdown for the Home Renovation Market

Shoppers’ behaviour following previous lockdowns suggests that when mobility is restricted, spending is deferred but not permanently suppressed.