Google Analytics

Unleashing the measurement power of your Google Analytics account.

Are you measuring your website enough to properly manage it? Google Analytics can either tell you a fraction of the story or present a comprehensive overview of whats really happening once your prospects or customers arrive on your pages.

Our Google Certified team can ensure your setup is correct and your configuration complete, so you can properly manage the performance requirements of your website. We have expertise in tracking the following page elements:

  • eCommerce transactions
  • Videos – plays, pauses and stops
  • PDF document downloads
  • Web form completions
  • Social media exit links
  • Page scrolling
  • Android and IOS app usage and behaviour

Our Group Training service will ensure you can gather usable information from all the data we help you create. And if you are not sure if your account is up to scratch, our risk free Website Review process includes a comprehensive Google Analytics audit, making it an ideal first step.

Once properly configured, your website analytics data can be the key difference when you need to “outlearn” rather than “outspend” your competition.

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