Month: July 2014

Email Autoresponders – a silver bullet that still requires work

July 21, 2014 ark-com

There are few shortcuts in online marketing. Despite what others may say – like “just do this one thing to your website and you WILL appear on page one of Google”. Or “just pass us your Google AdWords account and we’ll apply these technologically enhanced tools that enable us to alter your account every second […]


Visitors with Benefits – The Optimum Online Marketing Match

July 8, 2014 ark-com

Most people think more Google traffic will solve their online marketing performance problems. “If I only had more visitors, then we would sell more, have more leads, produce more buyers (insert your most desired outcome here) ”. That’s probably why the search engine optimisation search terms like “SEO” and “Google AdWords” are so costly to […]


Online Marketing Success by Creating your own Zappos Moment

July 3, 2014 ark-com

Last month we took the plunge and set Sky up at the office while the Price family were in residence. No television during our 14 week stay was too much to ask. So I rang the call centre, took up the no-contract offer, and next day we were up and running. I never realised how […]