Month: April 2016

Business Owner Google Analytics Bootcamp – Questions from the Frontline

April 21, 2016 ark-com

Get 13 super smart business owners with their own Google Analytics accounts in a room for the morning, add in some fresh coffee and over a hundred training slides, and anything is possible. Each was there because they believe, as we do, that managing a website is a lot easier if you have a basic […]


Principles To Knock Down Fences For

April 14, 2016 ark-com

The other day I had coffee with a friend who was struggling with her business. Their financial year had just wrapped up and the results proved what she already understood – it had been a tough year. However, deep down we knew the direction she was heading in was right – the principles were sound. […]


Shape up or Ship out?

April 7, 2016 ark-com

Struggling to get more value from your online marketing? Time to shape up or ship some tactics out? If so, let me offer the humble funnel as a tool to steer your turnaround, help you apply the right tactics in the right order, and ensure a steady passage towards your goals. There’s real power and […]