Month: June 2016

FOMO for Website Analytics? You Must Be Joking.

June 30, 2016 ark-com

I suspect most people would have a FOWT – Fear Of Wasting Time – rather than a Fear Of Missing Out when it comes to understanding website analytics. I mean who in their right mind would fear not knowing what a bounce rate is? All those metrics, dimensions, charts and lines! A place filled with […]


One Website – Four Guvnors

June 27, 2016 ark-com

You may have seen the humorous play by Richard Bean, One Man, Two Guvnors. It’s the crazy tale of a guy who becomes separately employed by two people, each of whom’s existence must remain unknown to the other, and each of whom he must also keep happy despite the inevitable conflicts of interest that arise […]


The Google AdWords FOMO Three-Minute Primer

June 17, 2016 ark-com

Somehow you have heard of others growing their business by buying clicks on Google. Deep down you wonder if this could be the trick to give you the growth you want. However, you are stretched for time and drowning under a deluge of tasks. All of which means you are suffering from some serious Google […]


Email Marketing FOMO 3 Minute Primer

June 9, 2016 ark-com

I wrote these three-minute FOMO guides for the frantic business owner who hates to miss out but also has a to-do list as long as their arm. For this person, adding one more task – like email marketing – requires careful consideration. I have a bit of history with email marketing. I received my first […]


Online Marketing FOMO* 3-Minute Primer

June 2, 2016 ark-com

Youŕe a busy business owner and the idea of starting anything new makes you shudder. However, you’ve heard that others have transformed their website from a brochure into something special. So you’re committed – but where do you start? This three-minute primer is for you – any anyone else struggling with online marketing FOMO plus […]