Does your website make your phone ring? If it does, or if it should, then this product is for you.

This is how it works.

We set up a unique phone number just for you and link it to four places.

  1. First, we ensure it directs the caller to the right place – your office, call centre or mobile phone.
  2. Then we link it to your Google Analytics account. That way we can link the call back to the traffic source.
  3. For those buying clicks from Google we can allocate the number at a keyword level. Then we link it to a notification system so that if you don’t answer, you will receive an email advising the missed-call number (assuming it isn’t Caller ID blocked).
  4. Finally we link it back to a special online portal for your reporting.

So what’s the benefit? Here’s one possible scenario.

Let’s say that each month you buy Google clicks for $5.00 from about 50 keywords. While engagement is good your Google Analytics reports tell you you’ve had no Contact Us page conversions. But you are getting phone calls.

That creates a problem. You know Google Adwords campaign isn’t working as well as it could, but you can’t just pause it in case you silence the phone.

With call tracking, your problem’s solved. You can identify the keywords that drive calls, allowing you to silence the wasted spend on those that don’t.

Here’s another scenario. You are not sure how well your office is dealing with the large number of phone calls it receives during the week. You think some are being missed, but you are not sure. Now you visit the reporting portal and see that a large number are being missed during lunchtime when the phone is diverted while the receptionist is at lunch. Armed with this knowledge, you can now adjust lunch periods to avoid this and track the drop in missed calls.

Scenario 3: Occasionally the office is not manned and you are not sure if people bother to leave a message when you are out. Now you will receive a notification telling you who failed to get their call answered – even if they didn’t leave a message – so your sales team can follow up.

Given its benefits, Call Tracking is remarkably affordable. Plans start at $95 a month with bundled minutes. Talk to your account manager to learn more or complete a Contact Us request.