The Most Obvious Digital Marketing Predictions For 2020

December 6, 2019 ark-com

In this issue, ARK Advance founder and GM Chris Price takes a deeper look into his crystal ball of online marketing. What do you see, Chris? “Well, after another year in the business and now 17 years in this space, I can list for you the most obvious topics that I think are worth some […]


You Have Reached Your Destination: Profitable Digital Marketing

November 21, 2019 ark-com

I once travelled to Hamilton, hitching a ride with a friend who had a very strange way to navigate. She was OK leaving Auckland but once over the Bombay Hills, her method was to follow people who she “thought” were on their way to Hamilton. I was new to NZ, so was no help. Needless […]


The Bridges of Silicon Valley: Maximising your Facebook and Google Advertising

October 31, 2019 ark-com

They are run by separate companies, but wouldn’t it be great if the insight you build in one could be transferred to the other?  As competitors, Google and Facebook do try to operate within their own silos in maintaining a competitive advantage. However, here at ARK Advance, we are keen to make 1 plus 1 […]


Writing Ads While The Competition Watches

October 21, 2019 ark-com

In our last post, we touched on the topic of tailoring your marketing message to resonate with particular audiences. This is a challenge in itself, and even more so when your competitors’ ad is going to be right alongside it for comparison. No pressure! With the Google Display Network and Facebook, your ads are discreetly […]


Two Shapes To Help You Buy Your Digital Advertising With Confidence

October 7, 2019 ark-com

As you probably know by now, each of your potential customers is absolutely unique… just like everybody else! Before you come along with your online ad, they will each have their own particular awareness of your field, and existing level of demand (which may be nil) for your service. This can make budgeting for digital […]


Five Metrics for Marketing a Successful Service Business

October 2, 2019 ark-com

There aren’t fifty, and likewise there isn’t just one “weird tip” for digital marketing success. Here are five metrics that can help guide the improved performance of online marketing for your service business.  Surprise surprise, the majority come from your ability to track a lead straight through to a sale. That is, it’s more than […]


Smarter Not Harder: Let Google Do Your Legwork

September 13, 2019 ark-com

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to advertising online, especially at the beginning. You may start with a very clear idea and definition of what it is you’re offering; but as you further consider the diverse needs and viewpoints of your potential clientele, you might not feel confident in deciding which words […]


Good Things Take Time: Remarketing For Your Service Business

September 13, 2019 ark-com

If you’re a regular internet browser, which is most of us these days, you’ll no doubt have noticed certain types of ads popping up with some regularity that are directly related to the websites you have visited prior.  It’s all part of a service called remarketing and when used wisely, it’s a really handy way […]


Marketing Your Service Business: The Hammer Or The Hand?

August 5, 2019 ark-com

Are you more likely to buy a hammer, or hire a builder?  When you stop and think about purchasing a product online, versus seeking a service, some obvious differences come to mind.  When you’re in a service business, your customers are paying for your expertise and the trust they place in you.  The process of […]


Is Your Digital Marketing De Optimised By Poor Sales Leads Management?

July 22, 2019 ark-com

Are you someone who is passionate about your business, but a bit more relaxed in tracking and analysing your sales leads? While this approach is familiar in small business, it could be a handbrake to the future growth you are seeking. The price of not being organised I remember my accountant telling me about her […]