Attribution Modelling: The Keys To The Conversion Kingdom

September 21, 2017 ark-com

In my last blog, I talked about the importance and value of visitors who return to your website having not engaged with you on their previous visit. Having those people return is generally a good thing, since they’re more likely to buy or engage with you than even existing customers. And that means you want […]


Why Non-Customers Can Be Even More Valuable Than Customers

September 13, 2017 ark-com

Everyone loves regular customers, and rightly so. And if someone comes to your website but doesn’t do business with you, you at least want them to engage with you in some way, surely? By giving you their email address, for example, or requesting a free ebook.  All of that’s true, but it can obscure one […]


Google My Business Prepares For Google Home Services

August 16, 2017 ark-com

Google has rolled out two important updates to your Google My Business Account. When I say important, I mean potentially life changing. But before I get into that, a quick word for anyone unsure of what Google My Business is. Google My Business is a free Google (what else?) tool that lets you manage your […]


Are You Failing with Off Peak Online Marketing During Peak Times – Video Blog

June 12, 2017 ark-com

Are there days of the week and times of the day when people are more likely to look for what you provide?  Just think how you could focus your advertising to make the most of the “highs” and avoid costly expenditure during the “lows”.    This video blog reveals :- How to find your peaks within […]


The Shapes and Colours Of Your Customers’ Thoughts

May 25, 2017 Chris Price

Many years ago I sold printing to businesses. This was before the internet, mobile phones, reality TV and, yes, even the Spice Girls. My job was to drum up new customers by walking around the streets of South Auckland, knocking on doors trying to locate someone who was close to running out of printing. I […]


Minimalism Meets Online Marketing

May 18, 2017 Chris Price

Recently I watched Minimalism on  Netflix — two guys known as ‘The Minimalists’ on a mission to help others discard all but the essential in their lives. Achieve this, they propose, and life will be simpler and more fulfilling. I gave it a try. It took me a good hour bartering with myself to clear out […]


Google Wants More Clicks From Your Account

March 29, 2017 Chris Price

Earlier on in the month Google announced a change to Google AdWords which made it just that little bit harder to control. Online marketing is a space stuffed full of variables, so when any slight level of control begins to erode I think it’s time to take notice. Managed properly, Google AdWords should represent the […]


Let’s Go Google Shopping New Zealand

March 13, 2017 Chris Price

Google has finally allowed New Zealand to join the 22 other countries that can now use its Product Listing Ads within the Google Shopping environment, in search. So is this good, great or terrible news for Kiwi companies? Before I share my prediction, let’s outline what all the fuss is about. You may have noticed […]