Coffee and Magazines – Ideal Tools When Tuning Your Home Renovator Focused Website

Struggling to think how your home renovation focused website should look?  Or scratching your head trying to figure out why your website tuned to this market is failing to deliver?

Three Ingredients to Upgrade Your Website For 2022

You may think you need a kitchen full of ingredients to make a good meal, but if you choose the right ingredients, you’ll find that just a few essentials will do beautifully.

We’re 19 Years Old!

November marked 19 years since Ark Advance began. Loving what I do has helped Ark Advance reach this milestone.

Spending Plans Provide a Bright Spot in Lockdown for the Home Renovation Market

Shoppers’ behaviour following previous lockdowns suggests that when mobility is restricted, spending is deferred but not permanently suppressed.

Call Tracking – Supporting Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

When someone contacts your business via a web submission form, your analytics setup will tell you which advertisement or campaign led them to your website.

Uncovering More Gold, Click by Click

An effective way to learn more about your audience is to find out what and where they are clicking on your website. While you can’t look over people’s shoulders as they navigate your website, you can do the next best thing with click trackers.

Why You Should Be on YouTube

Perhaps it’s a heartwarming story, an innovative product or service, or a fresh approach to sustainability. Whatever it is, that’s what your marketing needs to get across. 

Making Sense of Your Customer Journeys

You can take this a step further by thinking about the journey your audience takes on the way to making a purchase, and providing messages that resonate with the buyer at each stage.

Tips From An HR Expert On How to Successfully Recruit And Retain Good People

There’s a “sweet spot” when it comes to unemployment. It’s where there’s enough competition for jobs, and enough jobs to allow the unemployed to find a good position.

Make Every Click Count – Focus On The Searchers You Want As Customers

To get the biggest bang for your advertising buck, it makes sense to target the people most likely to be interested in your product or service. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Are Your Forms Scaring Off Your Leads

Recently we’ve been helping clients convert more website visits into sales by making their online forms more user-friendly.

Leverage Word of Mouth in Your Digital Marketing

When it comes to generating leads, you can’t do better than ‘word of mouth’ recommendations between friends.

Pinterest Advertising That Mirrors The Latest Home Decor Trends

If you’re not on Pinterest, you may be missing out on one of the internet’s best sources for predicting coming trends.

Why Understanding Colour Can Help Your Team Convert More Sales Leads

You don’t have to be an interior designer to sell home improvement products, but learning a few design principles may help you and your team convert more leads into sales.

Four Tips To Increase Your Quote Acceptance Rates

Sometimes in business it’s not about doing more of the same thing - rather getting more from the thing you do. The quoting process is an excellent example of this.

When Privacy Becomes A Point of Difference

Apple recently released this informative PDF that supports their plans to take a stand to improve the transparency behind what personal data is and isn't shared when you use their device and the apps that run on it.