When Terry Roper acquired finance company Cash Relief five months ago, he immediately knew he needed to get his head around its online presence – where site visitors were coming from, where they dropped off and what improvements needed to be made to help visitors accomplish what they had set out to do. And, like all businesses, it was a priority to increase web traffic to the site. The previous business owner had a business relationship with Ark Advance, so Terry stuck with Chris and his team – and is pleased he did: “After a couple of months, we found the work they were doing was providing a noticeable benefit and we are still using their service,” he reports.

That noticeable benefit includes an increase of almost 100% in micro conversions, which translated to a 75% increase in macro conversions. In layman’s terms? They’re 75% up in business compared to five months ago, a good portion of which is new business, says Terry.

As well as devising successful Adword campaigns and advising where to make changes for a more successful online strategy, Ark Advance have also prepared content for the www.cashrelief.co.nz site to really drive SEO.

“Because Ark Advance has skilled people and an excellent understanding of Google, they were able to advise how best to configure our website to achieve growth in business,” explains Terry. “We operate in a very competitive market and the best tools are needed to make sure we gain ground on our competitors. Ark Advance is able to deliver the tools we need to improve our performance in the market.”

For Terry, it’s Ark Advance’s knowledge and efficiency that have impressed him: “Ark Advance is a nimble and focused organisation that can really help.”