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Ark Advance sponsorship of the Auckland Arts Festival

December 1, 2016 admin

It’s with great pleasure that I can confirm the ongoing sponsorship by Ark Advance of the Auckland Arts Festival — 8-26 March 2017. Working with Thierry Pannetier — the festival’s Marketing and Communications Director — we have a list of marketing smarts to implement for 2017. Google Analytics was our focus in 2016. First up, […]


The Google AdWords FOMO Three-Minute Primer

June 17, 2016 ark-com

Somehow you have heard of others growing their business by buying clicks on Google. Deep down you wonder if this could be the trick to give you the growth you want. However, you are stretched for time and drowning under a deluge of tasks. All of which means you are suffering from some serious Google […]


Online Marketing FOMO* 3-Minute Primer

June 2, 2016 ark-com

Youŕe a busy business owner and the idea of starting anything new makes you shudder. However, you’ve heard that others have transformed their website from a brochure into something special. So you’re committed – but where do you start? This three-minute primer is for you – any anyone else struggling with online marketing FOMO plus […]


The Power of Online Orchestrations – Campaigns That Keep On Giving

May 26, 2016 ark-com

Hands up if you have enough hours in the day to deliver all the online marketing campaigns you want when you want? Thought so. For most there is a conflict, with too much required to be done with too little resource. Which leaves the challenging task of deciding which tasks will produce the greatest return […]


The One Thing From Marketing 101 That Can Transform Your Website Marketing

May 12, 2016 ark-com

Can one thing really transform your website marketing? Yes it can. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as writing better ads, buying more clicks or changing the colour of your website. But it helps if you redefine your opinion of the “job” that Google does for your prospect. To do that, put yourself in your prospect’s […]


Your Lead Nurturing Four Step Starter Plan

December 3, 2015 ark-com

As buyers we all know when it is time to “tell” rather than “sell”. This weekend I met a salesperson who knew the difference between the two. My eldest daughter, Maddy, is in the early stages of looking for a new Apple iMac computer. So we ended up at one of the hundreds of Apple […]


Is Your Website Wasting Your Visitors’ Time?

February 2, 2015 ark-com

How much time does your website need to convert its next visitor into a sale? A minute? Two – perhaps three or even six? What are we dealing with here? Now how much time does your visitor have? And what happens if they have less time than you need to convert them?   I know […]