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Five Years And Growing Strong With The Auckland Arts Festival

February 17, 2020 ark-com

At Ark Advance, we value strategic partnership and empowering organisations. As a Corporate Patron of the Te Ahurei Toi o Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland Arts Festival in 2020, we have a strong relationship in the heart of our community that continues to evolve with empowerment at its core.  Now in its fifth consecutive year, this partnership has […]


Are you as good as your last review?

July 9, 2019 Chris Price

The success of sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor has led more and more of us to seek the insight of customer reviews before buying. This trend is spreading fast, and throughout industries not previously known for their online presence. Gaining a provable business reputation using customer reviews can make the difference between success and failure […]


Murray Fulton: The Challenges of Growth

June 7, 2018 ark-com

This blog has been provided by a guest writer, Murray Fulton. Murray is an Advantage Business Director, Partner and Business Advisor who is passionate about helping SME business owners achieve their goals, and has worked with SME clients since 2005. In this article he shares some of his experiences working with clients who wish to […]

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Quarterly Customer Survey Results for February

February 25, 2015 ark-com

Every quarter we ask our customers the same two questions: · Firstly “how likely are you to refer us” on a scale of 1 to 10 ( 10 being every opportunity I have ) · And next, please add any other non-compulsory comment in the free text field. We then put the answers through a formula derived […]



November 25, 2013 ark-com

Four years ago, when Thierry Pannetier joined the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra (NZSO) as head of marketing, Ark Advance was already on board. But, he says, “it was immediately apparent that they were a wonderful partner for all things digital”. At that time, digital marketing was still in its infancy: a bit of a novelty […]


Air New Zealand

November 15, 2013 ark-com

Whenever Air New Zealand wanted to send an email campaign out to their database a few years ago, it always involved engaging with four or five external suppliers. It was time-consuming, clunky and, of course, expensive. In 2011 they decided to streamline the process by bringing it in-house. They selected a dedicated internal team, chose an […]


Cash Relief

November 15, 2013 ark-com

When Terry Roper acquired finance company Cash Relief five months ago, he immediately knew he needed to get his head around its online presence – where site visitors were coming from, where they dropped off and what improvements needed to be made to help visitors accomplish what they had set out to do. And, like […]



September 8, 2010 ark-com

We pride ourselves on offering a service that cuts through the electronic payment jargon and delivers results in the simplest way possible. Working with Permission has been a very similar experience for us. They deliver an easy-to-understand methodology that cleverly bypasses the confusion so common in online marketing. It’s a comprehensive end-to-end solution. I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a simple way to solve the complex problem that is online marketing to give them a call.

Roger Yibo Wang
Managing Director – Flo2Cash Limited

Flo2Cash is a credit card and direct debit electronic payment provider based in Albany on Auckland’s North Shore. It operates within an industry category littered with technical jargon and convoluted processes. Thankfully, due to some locally developed nimble technology, the Flo2Cash team is able to slash through all this and enable their clients to enjoy a very simple ‘one-stop shop’ approach to using electronic payment methods.

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Choice Catering Equipment

May 31, 2010 ark-com

We believe we have the right staff, products, selection and service standards for our market but when it came to online – while we were doing OK – we knew we could achieve at a higher level. Working with Permission has helped us in a number of different areas understand what that next level is and how to get there in simple, understandable and practical ways.

– Steve Preston – Managing Director – Choice Catering Equipment

The Sometimes clients engage Permission to help them improve on the success they have already achieved. This was the case when the team at Choice Catering Equipment came to Permission as a referral from their then web developer who had built their e-commerce-enabled website.

They arrived with the single task of improving the effectiveness of their Google AdWords advertising. This type of traffic had already proven itself with its positive ‘order converting’ traffic. Now they wanted to engage some specialist campaign management resource to build on their work to date.

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Les Mills

April 8, 2010 ark-com

"Our relationship with Permission goes back a long way because it works. They offer both a dependable service for online campaign management and a challenging perspective to help guide our strategy online."

– Reece Zondag CEO Les Mills New Zealand

Les Mills New Zealand started working with Permission back in November 2004. They initially contacted the company looking for some advice on further developing a project they had running to automatically communicate with members via email. A previous solution had come across some unexpected problems and some independent advice was now required to find a new vendor and assist in getting the project back on track.

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