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The Google AdWords FOMO Three-Minute Primer

June 17, 2016 ark-com

Somehow you have heard of others growing their business by buying clicks on Google. Deep down you wonder if this could be the trick to give you the growth you want. However, you are stretched for time and drowning under a deluge of tasks. All of which means you are suffering from some serious Google […]


Online Marketing FOMO* 3-Minute Primer

June 2, 2016 ark-com

Youŕe a busy business owner and the idea of starting anything new makes you shudder. However, you’ve heard that others have transformed their website from a brochure into something special. So you’re committed – but where do you start? This three-minute primer is for you – any anyone else struggling with online marketing FOMO plus […]


How to Avoid Content Shock With Your Google Advertising

March 9, 2016 ark-com

(As published in Marketing Online. Issue 4, March 2016) We have all experienced our own Google Advertising “Content Shock. The scenario usually unfolds like this. You are on the hunt for a person to help design a new brand for your business. You search Google using the phrase “brand design Auckland”. Immediately you start scanning […]


Google Talks Up The Love for Mobile Friendly Websites

March 31, 2015 ark-com

Back in February Google released a note explaining that come April 21 they would take the mobile friendliness of websites as a “ranking factor”. Then in March the Sunday Star Times  interviewed me on the subject. As you can imagine, I had definite opinions that I was happy to share!   So what does it […]


Five Strategies to Apply When Your Service Business Online Marketing is Failing

March 31, 2015 ark-com

We’ve all read those articles on what to do to achieve unbounded success online. Well this time I thought I would go with the opposite view. What to do when it’s not going well. Maybe the order book is looking a bit light. Or you start the week with a calendar full of white space […]


Is Your Website Wasting Your Visitors’ Time?

February 2, 2015 ark-com

How much time does your website need to convert its next visitor into a sale? A minute? Two – perhaps three or even six? What are we dealing with here? Now how much time does your visitor have? And what happens if they have less time than you need to convert them?   I know […]


Customer Journeys – How they make it to your front door

October 16, 2014 ark-com

Last month I wrote that in order to improve your site’s conversion rate you need to avoid the illusion that there’s just one type of prospect visiting your website, and they are looking to fulfill just one set of needs. This illusion has many website owners create only one advertising message that pushes people to […]


Online Marketing Success by Creating your own Zappos Moment

July 3, 2014 ark-com

Last month we took the plunge and set Sky up at the office while the Price family were in residence. No television during our 14 week stay was too much to ask. So I rang the call centre, took up the no-contract offer, and next day we were up and running. I never realised how […]


Content Creation – Google Rewards all Your Hard Work

October 11, 2013 ark-com

Here’s just a couple of the goals a good website has to achieve to pay its way for the business that owns it; be found by those looking in Google and appeal to all that decide to visit -so much so that it transforms these anonymous visitors into either live lead prospects or purchasing consumers. […]


Investing Time in Those That Want to Take Time

May 8, 2013 ark-com

It would seem that fishing has now gone all hi-tech. The other day, while wandering along a stretch of Coromandel beach with my ageing and mad Spaniel, I noticed a couple on their quad bike carrying what look like to be a orange torpedo down to the water’s edge. Mello, my Spaniel, was as interested […]