Available, Knowledgeable and Affordable

Thierry Pannetier has three words to describe Ark Advance: available, knowledgeable and affordable.

When Thierry joined the Auckland Arts Festival in 2015 as its Marketing and Communications Director, he got Ark Advance on board straight away.

“We realised we were lacking in some areas on the digital side of things so we brought them in,” says Thierry, who had used their services in previous roles at the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and New Zealand Opera.

Great help with Google Analytics and E newsletters

Ark Advance, founded by Chris Price in 2002, helped Thierry with a number of things including Google Analytics, which tracks and reports website traffic.

“The first thing Chris did was simplify the system and create a new account. He set relevant filters and got us on the way to using and understanding Google Analytics.

Ark Advance also helped with their e-newsletter. “They reviewed the practices and efficiency of our e-newsletter setup and pointed out the areas that were and were not working well.”

Chris Price easy to work with

Thierry has a very comfortable relationship with Chris, which makes it easy to keep on to top of the digital side of the organisation with complete ease.

“If I have any questions I can call Chris and ask for his opinion and he’s always available. The best thing is their willingness to listen and help and adapt to the organisation they are dealing with.

“It’s a very flexible, easy relationship. I can pick up the phone and ask him any question. We are very good partners.”


Successful online marketing campaigns

Ark Advance also helped track the success of online marketing campaigns that were run during the promotional period of the festival.

Thierry says Chris understands that funding for the arts can sometimes be difficult so they struck up a sponsorship agreement. In exchange for setting up their Google Analytics account, Ark Advance received a mention on some of the Auckland Art Festival’s programmes and tickets.

He highly recommends Ark Advance.

“They have expertise and understanding of the performing arts. They understand the limitations of budgets and resources. They are a very efficient team. They are available, knowledgeable and affordable.”