For Thomas Drent, one of the best things about using Ark Advance is that he doesn’t have any digital worries.

Ark Advance manages the Google AdWords and Google Analytics account for the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, for which Thomas is marketing manager.

“Basically they mapped the back end of the website with Google Analytics. They looked at what pages on our website were working and which were not.”

He believes setting up Google Analytics has been the most useful part.

“We can easily see new users and where they are coming from.”  

Easy to set booking and advertising goals

Ark Advance helps with conversion goals, too. They enable the NZSO to see when a person is coming onto the website, and whether that visit turns into a booking or not.

An important goal is getting new people to engage with the NZSO and buy tickets to their shows.

“Some people already know which shows are on and the programmes they are looking for. A big challenge for us is getting new people to the website. Fifty per cent of traffic on the website is new so it’s great finding out what they are doing on the website. What is the path of a new user on the website? Is that working or not working? Google Analytics gives us that information.”

Thomas says Ark Advance also helped him get a picture of how effective their online advertising was.

“We are building a bigger picture of our digital spend. We can quantify it and see exactly what we are spending money on.”

Best practice advice is invaluable

“The best thing is they do all that stuff and I don’t have to do it! They are professionals with lots of experience. They tell us what’s best practice and we can give over the bits that need to be sorted out.”

Thomas recently took part in an Ark Advance Google Analytics group training course in Auckland.

“The course was really valuable, especially to sit in a room and go through everything with them there. Things are changing all the time so it’s really beneficial to keep up-to-date.”

Great people to work with

Thomas finds Ark Advance staff and founder Chris Price really easy to work with.

“Chris is great. Sometimes he uses words I don’t understand, which is fine though because he will always re-explain when I need him to.

“We just call or email them if we have a question and they respond very speedily.”

It’s a great way to work.