You will find this report here: Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages.
First impressions count, and this report answers the question “What was the first page people came to when entering my website”?


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The ideal would be for the first page to either solve the visitor’s problem or show them which page does. Pages that struggle here have a high bounce rate, something you don’t want (with the exception of your “contact us” page),  especially for  your first-impression landing pages.

Most people incorrectly assume the homepage would be the only page in this report. However, if Google has understood and indexed your content well, or you have a paid advertising account that sends visitors to exactly the right page for the keywords they use, then you should see a long list of pages in this report..

When looking down this list for the first time, I’m on the hunt for poor performers, especially when I segment the traffic by paid advertising efforts. A high bounce rate on visits you have paid for is a sign that trouble is brewing. Your keywords may be wrong, or your ads may be sending visitors to the wrong place, or the content may be struggling to meet the intentions of the visitor – or all three.

Time spent tuning the performance of your landing pages is always time well spent. Creating the best possible impression brings those next steps of the sales a bit closer.