Well, here we are well into the new year, so time (if you haven’t already) to start planning your digital marketing for 2021. 

To make the process super simple, I am going to use one of the continuing casualties of COVID – the Home Show – as our guide.   

First up, we have five channels we can spend our money in – Google / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube and Pinterest  – so which ones are relevant and how should your spend be spread?

It helps to think of each channel as a different type of person visiting the Home Show.

We have those who enter the show gates and walk through all the halls, stopping at yours to talk about their specific needs. These folks are the “Google search advertising” home show visitor. They know exactly what they want and are on a mission to find a solution.  

Then we have those who have an idea of what they want, but are unsure exactly how the solution will look. For example they know they want a new kitchen but are looking for design options to meet their budget. Or they know they need carpet in their bedroom but have no idea what colour it should be or if wool or nylon is best. These folks are similar to those we find on Pinterest.

Then there are those who walk through the gates with a general need but no specific solution in mind. They know they should make a start on the decision making process but are not sure where or how to begin. These folks can be found on Facebook, Google Display, and YouTube. 

The way the commercials of the internet work is that as the demand for traffic increases, so does the cost. Lots of companies want people to walk directly up to their stand (think website) – as it should be the easiest to convert into customers – which is why the cost of Google search traffic can make you cringe.

However there are a lot more people wandering the Home Show “just looking” than there are those striding purposefully up to stands. Therefore, the volume of traffic sits in places like Pinterest, Facebook and Google Display – the challenge being finding ways to entice them to take the first step forward with you.  

It makes sense that the more enticing you look to this group, the better  – especially when they are looking for creative options – as are those on Pinterest.  

A well balanced digital marketing strategy for 2021 will talk to buyers at all stages of their journey. Ideally each stage feeding the other with messaging that influences people along their journey.

Done correctly, your brand will be “hooked” into people’s minds through their involvement with your advertising on Pinterest / Facebook / Instagram and YouTube. So that when it comes time to do something, they use Google Search to find your brand and click on what would mostly likely be the cheapest click in your search advertising campaign – and convert.

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