Our Online Lead Nurturing Services

When it comes to research, the online space is hard to beat.  Latest figures show that technology buyers conduct nearly 75% of their research/information gathering online, and nearly four out of five technology buyers search the web at least weekly for new information.  Of those that find what they are looking for, 93% consider the information they found online to be of greater or equal value to the content they received through print, events etc. (Source: Knowledge Storm & Marketing Sherpa, 2007 Connecting Through Content Series.)

So, if you are not already active in online lead generation, now may be a good time to start.  The prospect attention seems to be there – all ready and waiting to be tempted by some suitable content, which will ideally reward you for your efforts with a fresh new prospect lead.

For most of us the arrival of a new lead is cause for a celebration.  Yes, that AdWords ad is working well or, perhaps, that copy change on the landing page is starting to hit its straps.  You really are starting to master this lead-generation lark, you mutter under your breath – and you would be partly right.

You see, generating a lead is one thing – converting it into a customer is another.  Frequently, I see that success at the first stage is not always translated into a similar level of achievement with the second.  Of course, you are not expecting a 100% conversion rate between the two – not all leads have the same propensity to become customers.  But still, there can be a wide difference between the total leads generated and the resulting customers converted for many businesses using the online space for lead generation.  This is the area of focus of our Lead Nurturing services; contact us today if you would like more information on this solution area.