If you’re not on Pinterest, you may be missing out on one of the internet’s best sources for predicting coming trends.  

The regular insights published on Pinterest Business include Pinterest Predicts, a report on where Pinners’ interests are heading. Drawing on popular search topics to predict coming trends, this report can help you decide where to focus your marketing messages to ensure your offering is seen as current, or even slightly ahead of trend.  

With an estimated 250,000 users in New Zealand, many of whom are actively searching for products relating to home improvement, Pinterest offers plenty of opportunities to reach leads and influence purchasing behaviour. 

You can read the latest Pinterest Predicts here, or read on for the salient points. The report identifies four big trends among homeowners for the coming year:  

  1. Dividing open plan areas into private zones for specialised use. Popular searches include home library design; bookshelf room divider; and computer gaming room.

2. Using lighting to update interiors and create specific moods. LED and neon lighting are big trends for 2021.

3. Using kitchen shelving like a gallery wall with creative displays of eye-catching dinnerware, from coloured glassware to handmade plates.

4. A blend of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism known as Japandi, characterised by sleek lines and neutral and earthy colour schemes.

Ads for just about anything will benefit from a Japandi design treatment, and all brands can keep the neon aesthetic top of mind when planning photo and video shoots.  

Consider providing interior design inspiration that complements multi-use rooms, like home office furniture, trending paint colours, or natural-look flooring, as in this pin from Flooring Xtra:   

Home appliance and electronics brands can promote beautiful lighting design or minimalist smart home devices.  

Financial services can help Pinners keep their insurance up-to-date to cover new home additions, and cleaning brands can show home owners how to keep their new rooms and wooden furniture looking fresh under any light.   

When you advertise on Pinterest, your ads show up in the same format as a regular pin, putting your content right in front of users without being intrusive. Here’s an example from Wallace Cotton: 

If your content is engaging and useful, it may be re-pinned multiple times and continue to drive consumers to your website. Subsequent re-pins are considered ‘earned’ or organic, meaning you’re not paying for the downstream exposure. 

People often visit Pinterest as a precursor to making a purchasing decision that requires some creative discovery. If you want to get your brand in front of potential buyers during this discovery phase, contact us to learn more about our Pinterest advertising solutions.