Display & Banner Advertising

A service to enable you to buy your way onto websites that support Google’s Display advertising.  Go here to read how we approach Google AdWords at an account level.  

We support Display Advertising across the following networks :

  • Google Display Network
  • Gmail
  • YouTube

Within these networks we can target people based on some or a selection of the  following parameters

Managed Placement

This is where we place your advertising on specific websites your prospects frequent.

Keyword Selection

We define a list of keywords across a range of groups that when used on websites will fire your advertising.

Topic Selection

We apply Google’s Topic Targeting tool that groups websites into specific topics that are relevant to your audience for instances Arts and Entertainment >Comics and Annmation.  

Interest – Affinity targeting

We can target people based on their inclusion in certain Google Affinity groups – eg Technophiles.

Interest – In Market Segments

Again a Google level of targeting based on an audience who Google believes is in the market for certain products or services e.g. Automotive > BMW

Audience – Website Remarketing

An audience targeted due to their prior engagement – or lack of – with your website.  

Audience – You Tube Remarketing

An audience targeted due to their prior engagement – or lack of – with videos on your YouTube channel.

We can mix and match audiences to better define your advertising groups.  For instance people in affinity groups who visit websites that contain certain keyword content.

Gmail Advertising

We can place advertising within the Gmail environment.  This can be driven by keyword data or a selection of criteria from the list before.  For instance you may want to target those who are subscribed to certain newsletters or who have visited your website prior.  This blog post explains more about this service.  

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