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Which Category is your Website in? Sorry, “Brochure” is not an Option

December 12, 2011 ark-com

Do you remember your first website? I can. For me it was a renegade solution that lacked any design aspirations at all but achieved the task of finally getting the company I worked for online. The site was built in Microsoft Front Page but really more in frustration and boy was it an ugly thing. But after waiting months for the technology department to first agree that we needed one and then allocate some resource to create it, I decided to take matters into my own hands and finally get “something” online.

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Relatively Simple Steps for Relatively Staggering Improvements

November 9, 2011 ark-com

To start, just take some time and review the image below. It’s a screen capture from a client’s recently completed split test experiment from their Google Website Optimiser account. If you look closely you will see Variation 1 of their home page achieved a 50% improvement in conversion compared with the original. Google’s tool is quite confident this experiment reflects the new page’s long-term ability, giving it a 96% chance to beat the original.

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“Conversions, Conversions, Conversions – don’t give me more traffic, Permission – I need more Conversions.”

October 17, 2011 ark-com

“Conversions, Conversions, Conversions – don’t give me more traffic, Permission – I need more Conversions.”

How often do you think we hear this line? Well, nowhere near as often as this one: “My traffic has dropped off and I’m worried.” Or perhaps, “whatever you can do to increase our traffic then do it quite quickly please.”

Now, we are not alone here. It’s an industry wide-issue. For example, just go to Google and type in “SEO” (Search En­gine Optimisation) and you will see a whole bunch of advertised results. It’s a high volume search term. Now try again with the keyword “website conversion optimisation” and the results are very different, as is the search volume – it’s a lot lower.

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HELP – Somebody Broke My Google AdWords Account!

August 8, 2011 ark-com

For some reason, this would seem to be the month for prospects to contact Permission seeking help in managing their Google AdWords account. In nearly all cases they have arrived after having had someone manage it before and do a less than perfect job. So much so that they are quite motivated to make a change.

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Website Conversions – Go Knock on Some Doors

July 30, 2011 ark-com

One of my early roles in direct selling had me selling business form printing. Back then, it was all dot matrix, tractor-fed invoices with holes either side, all with multiple copies that were ‘bash printed’ on loud machines that sat inside noise-proofed rooms. Remember that? Well, selling boxes and boxes of that type of printing was my life for nearly 3 years.

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Website Conversions – Levers, Fulcrums and Your Website: A Strange but Profitable Partnership

July 15, 2011 ark-com

For some strange reason, memories of my old physics classes seem to crop up on a regular basis within these pages. I’ve prattled on about how explosive the experiments were and how all this work was underpinned with some solid ‘problem busting’ scientific thought. Both of which I have then gone on to apply as possible solutions to the problems businesses may be facing in a down economy.

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Website Optimisation – Peeking Over Their Shoulders

July 7, 2011 ark-com

This week I was amazed to read that the US Air force has more pilots training to fly Drones than regular piloted aircraft. Over the last 10 years they have gone from flying less than 50 unmanned aircraft to now having over 700 Drones in service.

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Website Conversions – The “Back Field” Pages That Make all the Difference

June 28, 2011 ark-com

The soccer season is well underway and my Saturdays until early afternoon are spent ferrying both girls (11 and 14 years old) to their respective grounds and shouting “encouragement” from the sidelines. Both are fortunate this season to have a great bunch of girls to play with and a coach who is keen and able to help them develop.

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Website Conversions – Time to Follow Up Some Profits?

June 24, 2011 ark-com

I have never come across a business that has achieved that nirvana moment of reliably converting 100% of their prospects into clients. Some have come close – a few I have met are in the high 80’s – but none have hit that magic 100%. It’s probably a near impossible act to reliably achieve.

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