How We Became An Email Marketing Agency

Our story with email marketing starts back in November 2000 with Chris Price joining a small email marketing Software Company in Auckland.  He had spent over 8 years in the outsource printing and mail house industry and was now ready to take on its electronic alternative.

His team was as small as they get – two programmers and him, acting as sales, marketing and customer services all rolled into one. When he left four years later, the business had grown to a staff of 16, with two offices and over 50 clients.

But it was on the first Friday afternoon of the business launch over 9 years ago that is of interest here.  Chris found himself on a podium of what was then the Direct Marketing Association (now the Marketing Association) luncheon, staring out at 350 direct marketers, introducing an overseas expert speaker on email marketing.

The speaker’s first question was a classic.

“Please raise your hand if any of you receive any unsolicited or SPAM email messages”, he asked.

Nobody raised their hand.

“Well I suppose the spammers have yet to discover New Zealand.  Don’t worry – it will only be a matter of time,” he quickly mentioned and moved onto the next slide to cover his predictions on how the use of email marketing would play out in this country.

How right he was.  We all started to receive SPAM the next month and it has been arriving unabated since.  Nevertheless, there were some positive points mentioned in Derek’s predictions that, like the growth of SPAM, have also eventuated.

Prediction No 1 – Most marketers will have a space for email in their business communications plan.  If you want to deliver a short message to your customers within an even shorter timeframe, then email is the first choice.  You can’t beat it when you want to tell thousands the same message in a morning.

Prediction No 2 – Email will allow your customer acquisition process to take on a whole new dimension.  Now prospects can start to receive your communications by sharing just their first name and email address. This is a first step that most feel more comfortable with, rather than providing a phone number and physical address.

Prediction No 3 – Email marketing will drive down the cost of marketing communications.  What took a marketing department two weeks to dispatch and cost a dollar per pack can now be sent in days for cents.   No surprises that this revelation on its own seduced many to transfer a large majority of their communications into email when not all were fit for the task.  However, marketers were quick to find out how little time customers have when it comes to consuming a 35 page brochure online.

These three statements highlight just a few ways that, since November 2000, email marketing has changed the way in which we think about implementing effective customer and prospect communications.  There is always a part to play for email marketing in our customer’s lead generation and/or customer loyalty strategies.

The problems this type of work solves.

There’s a lot I can add here so here are just a couple to consider.

Customers forgetting about you and your service.  “If only I knew you sold that as well THEN I would have purchased it from you and not your competitor.”

Your prospects failing to make a decision because of the lack of any ongoing communications that nurture them towards making a final commitment.

How it will make your site sell more.

Most websites are built for the prospect who wants to make a decision NOW.  It should not surprise you that this represents a small proportion of your available market opportunity.  Email marketing is for those that will say yes, but in the near future.  In most cases there are more people in this group than you would initially imagine.

What needs to happen BEFORE this type of work is completed?

There’s a mix of technology, content and strategy within any successful foray into email marketing. Some clients arrive with none complete, others come with a couple – we help them produce the necessary detail in each to make a success of their future efforts.

What coaching content do we offer in this area?

There’s been a few.  Try these areas:

Email marketing your way through a recession

Email marketing double coaching pack


Our Online Lead Nurturing Services

When it comes to research, the online space is hard to beat.  Latest figures show that technology buyers conduct nearly 75% of their research/information gathering online, and nearly four out of five technology buyers search the web at least weekly for new information.  Of those that find what they are looking for, 93% consider the information they found online to be of greater or equal value to the content they received through print, events etc. (Source: Knowledge Storm & Marketing Sherpa, 2007 Connecting Through Content Series.)

So, if you are not already active in online lead generation, now may be a good time to start.  The prospect attention seems to be there – all ready and waiting to be tempted by some suitable content, which will ideally reward you for your efforts with a fresh new prospect lead.

For most of us the arrival of a new lead is cause for a celebration.  Yes, that AdWords ad is working well or, perhaps, that copy change on the landing page is starting to hit its straps.  You really are starting to master this lead-generation lark, you mutter under your breath – and you would be partly right.

You see, generating a lead is one thing – converting it into a customer is another.  Frequently, I see that success at the first stage is not always translated into a similar level of achievement with the second.  Of course, you are not expecting a 100% conversion rate between the two – not all leads have the same propensity to become customers.  But still, there can be a wide difference between the total leads generated and the resulting customers converted for many businesses using the online space for lead generation.  This is the area of focus of our Lead Nurturing services; contact us today if you would like more information on this solution area.

Sample content to be placed here.

Want more sales leads from your website?

As more Kiwi’s move online each month – are you worried that your website is missing out on the action?

With the current uncertain economic outlook are you looking for ways to drive greater performance out of your internet presence?

Or finally, does the sales graph of your online e-commerce store resemble the flat plains of the Waikato rather than the steep upward climbs of the Southern Alps?

If You Answered "Yes" To Either Of These Questions, Then This FREE 60 Minute Webinar Is Just For You.

During this session you will learn

Act fast if you want to apply this knowledge to your website.

Here Are The Upcoming Webinar Dates:

Registrations will be taken on a first come first served basis. 

We will try to alter this sign up page as registrations come in so you can see the spaces available – everyone will receive an email confirming their registration status.

Why are there only 15 spaces available for each session?

On the Webinar I will use some rather cool technology so you see my computer screen as I take you through the presentation notes and on a tour of some websites that will help to further explain the points I cover.

Note: Webinar attendees will be sent a recording of all this on a CD Rom for later review.

Here’s a screen shot of the tool I will use for the webinar – note there’s space for just 16 sessions and I’ll grab one of these to run the show. 

So get in fast.

Not sure What a Webinar is?

No problem,  it‘s simple really.  "Webinar" is short for "web-based seminar".

Its an online seminar that you listen to through a normal phone line teleconference while also watching a my computer screen as I take you through the presentation.

I will provide you with a local phone number (Auckland – Wellington & Christchurch) which you will use to call plus FREE access to the screen sharing technology I use.

The Webinar will be recorded and made available on CD Rom  to those on the call.

To attend the meeting you need the following :

 Required: Website domain email address
(i.e. your e-mail address must match that of your website domain).
 Required: The ability to call a local No in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

So what are you waiting for? Remember space is limited to just 15 attendees. 

Contact Information:
* = Required Fields Physical Address For Us To Ship The Registration Bonus Pack and Webinar CD Recording
* First Name
* Last Name
* Business
* Website URL
* Email
* Preferred Date
* Address 1
Address 2
* City
What are your most IMPORTANT QUESTION you have about Website Marketing?


Once we receive your details we will mail you out details of the call and a complimentary copy of our latest 8 page Website Marketing Update newsletter. You should receive this within  48 business hours from the receipt of your information.

You will ONLY Receive Material Related to this Webinar

We respect your privacy, and promise to NEVER sell your address or any of your information. We also promise to never abuse your address – we will ONLY mail you information related to the webinar you have signed up for.

We were 20 minutes into the Website Marketing group coaching call when things really started to get interesting.

It was Thursday afternoon and I had just finished a short presentation on search engine optimisation. It complimented the 12 page PDF report the group had received by email on Wednesday and allowed anyone who had questions so far to have them clarified.

This ended the time for theory – now for some practical implementation of all this new knowledge.

I closed down the MS Power Point presentation on my laptop and pointed my web browser to the home page of one of our members. (Through the use of some snazzy screen sharing technology supplied free with the course everybody else saw in front of them the same website.)

To start us off this member gave us some background on their business, their website goals and what changes they wanted to achieve.

OK – now to the task at hand. First up was improving their search rankings.

For ten minutes I took them from the Google search results screen back to their own pages – flitting between the two as we tracked search results for keywords that were important for this business.

We visited competing sites that were ranking higher than them to find out why this was the case. I made some suggestions on alterations that would move their rankings higher.

Then I switched from my browser to show the team a free desktop software application I frequently use – easily found on the internet – that helped us in this case see how hard it would be to rank higher than competitor sites.

Within seconds the results revealed a great opportunity was there for the taking.

“Really good opportunity to hear from a range of people about how they make their websites work – and to receive practical information and tips for our site. Even a few small changes will make a big difference to our site. I have found it incredibly valuable to know about all the additional tools available through google in particular that I didn’t even know existed. The half hour call-in was very helpful.”

Diana Simpson – Marketing Manager BDO Spicers

"The course has been very illuminating to me thus far, Chris’s clear and
pragmatic consultation, and the shared experiences of other members of
the class, is equipping me with vital knowledge and improvements that I
can implement on our site instantaneoulsy, with a minimum of fuss."

Darron Leslie, Marketing and Relationships Manager, Media Design School

“As a relative new comer to the world of the e-marketing, I have
appreciated the time that Chris has taken to step me through the key points in simple, plain English, steps. The systems and tools that he uses make it easy for me to be a part of what he is doing, remotely. My web site developer was so enthused by what Chris is presenting that she too has signed up and is loving his work.”

Andrew Cutfield, Sales & Marketing Manager | Oasis Engineering

So that was me and my experience focusing in on the problem for this member – now for the interesting part – how the group as a whole could help.

I posed the question – what would you type into Google to find these services?

A flurry of new keyword options came across the call – many of which were valid new search terms never considered before by this member.

Then we dug a bit deeper.

What would be important to members when buying a service like this?

Back came opinions from members that were actually target prospects for this business. As luck would have it some had recently completed a purchase similar to this and could relate exactly what was going through their mind during the sale process.

The member’s website content was covered too. The group told him what was missing and how much emphasis should be placed on what was there.

Once we were finished there was a long list of new ideas for this member to take away and immediately implement. (Thankfully both the audio and video of the call was recorded and supplied back on CD for him to refer to later on.)

Would you like to receive information like this in this way for your website?

Hi my name is Chris Price and I would like to introduce you to a new way to access proven website marketing expertise through our innovative new monthly website marketing coaching program.  But first some details on why this program is now available.

Every week I listen to prospects who share with me these types of problems.

  • “It seems that everyone else just wants to sell me a complete consulting package – its either they do it all or nothing.  Why isn’t there a way to learn from them but implement these changes myself? It’s a bit like wanting a BYO cafe when all you can find are fully licensed high class restaurants.”
  • “We’re finding that having someone support us to market our website is a lot harder than it was locating the expertise to get the thing built in the first place.”
  • “How can we access practical website marketing knowledge that is specific to New Zealand business?”

Thanks for dropping by – join us as we turn websites into income producing assets.

When it came to the first point, I must admit to running a business that used to be part of the problem.

Yes clients did and still do come to us wanting our small team to take control of the lead generation success of their website from strategy plans to actual implementation.  They pick us to do all the work for them so they can just sit back and enjoy the benefits each month – here’s a list of clients for you to peruse.

“We started with a website that nobody could find generating a small trickle of leads each month.  Things have definitely changed for the better working with Chris. Last month for the first time our lead count broke three figures made up of both local and overseas prospects.”

Rebecca Noton, Agrigarden Distributors – Auckland

Before this coaching program started we couldn’t help you if you wanted to do some of the work yourself – we weren’t set up that way and frankly didn’t have the capability to cost effectively deliver the advice required.

Well things have now changed.

It all started a while back with me joining a few coaching programs myself that were delivered by other online marketers overseas. (We now subscribe to over a dozen paid services just to keep up to date with the latest learnings.) I learnt a lot by being a user – I experienced what worked and more importantly what didn’t when it came to receiving hard core practical marketing information to implement.

All this got me wondering – wouldn’t it be ideal if I could create a cost effective service where I could pass on my internet marketing secrets to others spread around New Zealand and virtually coach them to success?

Well it’s been a few months in the making but I am now ready to launch.

Here’s how I plan to coach you in the secrets I know: –

Online marketing is a complex and incredibly detailed area – so part of the challenge here is for me to provide some structure around it to help you get to grips with the key principles quickly and easily to enable you to achieve some wins early on.

To help I have condensed things down into five areas that we will cover – one per month – first as an overview and then in progressively more detail during our session times – (I’ll use case studies a lot to get the information across).

Here are the five:-

  1. Planning the sales / lead generation process for your online presence
  2. Designing and writing your “persuasion optimised” web pages
  3. Setting up reliable website tracking analysis tools to monitor your success
  4. Implementing testing methods to steadily increase your success
  5. Generating more internet traffic from free and paid sources


Just to spice up your interest on the actual detail that will be covered – the other night I sat down and took just 5 minutes to jot down some of the detailed tactical content I want to cover – here’s what I came up with.

I’ll be frank – this program is not for everyone.

It is for those willing to try things and make some positive changes to their website.  It’s not for those content to sit back and absorb everything while expecting things to magically change without someone actually having to do something.  (And yes for those that want it our team can step in and help where needed – extra fees will apply.)

“There have been times when we haven’t been able to cope with the amount of online sales leads Permission has generated for us.”

Graeme Norton, Select Cleaning Auckland, Area Manager

Here’s how you will receive the content

There are three different ways you can receive this content – Silver, Gold and Gold +

Here’s a table of what each includes:

Pricing Schedule For Permission Website Marketing Coaching 

As at January 08 Monthly Plans
Inclusions:   Silver Gold  Gold +
Printed Newsletter subscription
Printed Monthly Newsletter On Website Marketing – Value $30.00
Our Monthly Online Marketing Training Module
Training documentation on one area of online marketing – Value $75
Self running presentation supporting the training documentation – Value $35
Our Monthly Teleconference Module
One hour teleconference – Value $85  
MP3 recording of the teleconference – Value $25  
Monthly Access To Our Coaching Support Website
Unlimited access to the restricted access forum – Value $20
Access to online archive of newsletters – Value $35  
Access to online archive of documentation and supporting presentations – Value $55  
Access to online archive of teleconference recordings – Value $70  
Our Monthly Tele-coaching Module
Thirty minute monthly tele-coaching call – Value $125
MP3 of the coaching call – Value $25
Total Monthly Value $160 $430 $580
Monthly Coaching Fee – prices are plus GST $47 $93 $167
First month introduction price – prices are plus GST $5.95 $5.95 $100.00
Welcome Pack Value $250 $250 $250
Welcome Pack Fee For First Subscriptions FREE FREE FREE
Click Here
To Purchase Silver Plan
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To Purchase Gold Plan
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To Purchase Gold + Plan

Click here to join us and be part of our group.

“Chris Price has been at the forefront of email marketing in New Zealand since the late 1990s. He is a passionate advocate of interactive marketing and a frequent presenter at seminars and conferences. Chris is also co-tutor of the Marketing Association’s ‘Practical eMail Marketing’ course. He is a respected authority on best practice emarketing.”

Keith Norris, Chief Executive, Marketing Association

You may be thinking how can I be sure if these fees are justified?

I want to remove all the guess work.

Therefore for the Silver and Gold programs you can access all the content for the first month at a highly discounted fee of $5.95 plus GST.  For Gold + members the first month’s introduction fee is $100 plus GST

After this first month we will check with you before continuing your subscription and the regular program price.

This ongoing fee will remain at this rate for the life of your membership even when the price rises proposed have been implemented. Remember you can cancel membership to this group at any time. However if you choose to come back at a later stage you will pay the rates current at that time.

"Often success is in the small things we try, and the power of an idea is in the implementation. Using the advice Chris offered us we increased our click through rate by 3.4 times(340%) on the event email campaign, in my books that’s a pretty good return on investment."

Mike Doughty, The Knowledge Gym

Plus receive a FREE Quick Start Website Marketing Welcome Pack with Your New Subscription – Worth $250.00

Even with you joining at your highly reduced rates you still qualify to receive our comprehensive welcome pack.

Your pack will include: –

Total Value $250.00

Go here now to ensure your place

Here’s my no quibble guarantee

This coaching program comes with the standard Permission NZ Ltd satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the content or service you receive from my company then you can call on our 100% satisfaction no quibble guarantee. Basically if you are not happy – you don’t pay and in this case you get to keep all the content you have received to date.

So why isn’t all this stuff free?

You may be aware that I ran an online survey with my prospects and customers about this service before starting things off.

Some of the feedback I received has been put directly into this program (for instance the free trial component).  Other comments expressed concern that while this content should be created, I should make it freely available.

I thought long and hard about delivering the “free option”.

I too have listened in on “free content” – reports, webinars and recorded seminars that have all been sent to me under the promise of being great content.  It never was that great.

The information was never complete – there was always the promise of getting all the true facts once you had – gone to the paid seminar, purchased the complete report or engaged with the full service consulting service.

The illusion of free content is ever present on the Internet – especially when it comes to website marketing expertise.

I didn’t want this content to need any extra financial commitment by you to make it work – hence its cost.

And if the opportunity that remains unlocked on your website doesn’t justify the proposed fees then sorry but again this course isn’t for you.

So there you have it. 

Register today if you are keen to join us.

All the best

Chris Price
Permission NZ Ltd
09 623 6575

P.S The status quo is always appealing.  But what about if your website gave you just one more lead today than it did yesterday? What would that be worth?

P.P.S I personally guarantee that by following the steps we will cover in this course you will get results. So fill in the form today and grab your space before all are gone.

01 Course 1: Web site Lead Generation.

Can your Web site work harder to deliver you more sales leads? This course outlines the basic theory around on-line lead generation and steps you through a simple methodology for you to apply.

Course subjects include:

Lead Generation Sign up
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You don’t have brochure marketing, or sales person marketing so why website marketing?

Website marketing is there for those that want their website to both “tell” and “sell” their product and service. As you can imagine, not everyone fits into this category.

But for those that do then our website marketing process is an ideal way to get those idle web pages working and selling as hard as they can.

Our programs fit into two areas of website marketing.

The first service offering focuses on delivering a growing amount of new traffic to your website. The second helps you convert this traffic into prospective sales leads.

The graphic below outlines our overall approach to website marketing.

Website traffic comes from four main areas (shown by the arrows above). This traffic passes through some tracking tools so we can determine its quantity and origination.

These new visitors now work their way through web pages, pondering content that is specifically designed to appeal to those that you would classify as “warm” prospects.

By reading these pages they are enticed to register and turn themselves from anonymous website browsers into known sales leads.

A further much smaller group work deeper into the site and make themselves known as what you would call “hot” prospects that want what you offer now.

Our job is to help you apply this website marketing methodology to either your existing or proposed new website. We do this already for a growing number of clients from different industries both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Make contact with us today if you would learn more about how we can help you.

To test our thinking we are offering the option to subscribe to two email delivered mini-courses that may help you start on your own website marketing journey – you can find more information on these below.

All the best

Chris Price
Permission NZ Ltd
09 623 6575

01 Course 1: Web site Lead Generation.

Can your Web site work harder to deliver you more sales leads? This course outlines the basic theory around on-line lead generation and steps you through a simple methodology for you to apply.

Course subjects include:

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02 Course 2: Professional Email Marketing

A course suited to both those already involved or soon to start their own email marketing efforts. This course helps marketers build a solid foundation of competency to ensure that future investments in both time and money are well placed to succeed.

Course subjects include:

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Online Lead Generation Services at Permission

Depending on your industry, its competitive profile, and the problems your products/services solve, online lead generation can be either an extremely simple or an excruciatingly complex task.

We have customers who have built a business in a few months based on a single web page and a well written Google AdWords ad, whereas others are making single digit monthly percentage point growth through extensive, detailed and painstakingly left-brain testing procedures.  Yes, each business follows the same common methodologies, but the outcomes can be vastly different.

And then with luck there’s the arrival of a new lead being, for most, cause for a celebration.  Yes, that AdWords ad is working well or, perhaps, that copy change on the landing page is starting to hit its straps.  You really are starting to master this lead-generation lark, you mutter under your breath – and you would be partly right.

You see, generating a lead is one thing – converting it into a customer is another.  Frequently, we see that success at the first stage is not always translated into a similar level of achievement with the second.  Of course, you are not to expect a 100% conversion rate between the two – not all leads have the same propensity to become customers.  But still, there can be a wide difference between the total leads generated and the resulting customers converted for many businesses using the online space for lead generation.

Fortunately, it is not uncommon to see your competitors having the same struggles to generate and nurture leads online as you do.  But, by having Permission on your team, you bring to bear years of experience in solving the problems you will face.

The problems this type of work solves.

In its very crudest form, this work ensures your website ‘sells’.  For some, a sale is a person asking for a free report or an initial complimentary consultation.  Others see a sale as another order for some nail polish. Whichever option fits your business, this work is focussed on achieving more ‘sales’ online.

How it will make your site sell more.

In nearly all cases the work focuses on ensuring your website sells in the same way your prospects want to buy.  Once this is mapped out, we go to work with you on creating the right copy and then help get it in front of more of your ideal prospect audience.

What needs to happen BEFORE this type of work is completed?

Most of the gaps that need to be filled here focus on your business, its market and the prospects you want to engage more with.

What coaching content do we offer in this area?

During our coaching sessions we have covered a few specifics of this work.  Have a look at these:

Creating a profitable lead nurturing program

Creating landing pages that work

Improving your website’s conversion rates

ABC Business Sales Flybuys The Marketing Association
Adam Parore Mortgages Marketing Profs (US) Formosa Country Club
Agrigarden New Hemisphere Garrison Security
AIG Nufarm Goodwin Real Estate
Air New Zealand New Zealand Hockey Grace Marketing
Boston Wardrobes New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Healtheries
Bridging Finance Ltd OCG Consulting Harrowset Hall
Bullet PR Paper Plus Itchyfeet Travel
Careerzone Paula Ryan Jasons Travel Media
Cleantastic Perron Kensignton Swan
Exotech Petes Post Les Mills
Electronic Navigation Ltd Pivotal Z (US) Line 7
Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Possum New Zealand Madman Entertainment
The University of Auckland Make Up Direct Youthline
PSM Healthcare Rocket Kitchen Teltherm
Power Accountax Select Cleaning Telarc
Pumpkin Patch Solutionists UCMS Solutions
Quinn Business Development Research Solutions  

We offer solutions to two problems that your business may be facing:

01How to cost effectively nurture the existing relationships you have through online communication methods.

02How to optimise your online presence to enable it to supply a stead stream of prospective sales leads.

Depending on your ability, email marketing has the power to either engage or enrage your customers or prospects. Permission produces campaigns that accentuate the positive and personal impact email messaging can impart.

For those already using email, we reveal trends of behaviour that have previously lay hidden in email tracking data. We blend this with our extensive knowledge and experience of effective messaging and then direct you on how to improve your effectiveness.

We don’t build websites; we optimise them so they turn anonymous visitors into known sales leads.

We achieve this through a package of specialised tools and services customised in application to suit your specific market need.