I once travelled to Hamilton, hitching a ride with a friend who had a very strange way to navigate. She was OK leaving Auckland but once over the Bombay Hills, her method was to follow people who she “thought” were on their way to Hamilton. I was new to NZ, so was no help. Needless to say, it took us a while. 

Now, in the age of Google Maps, it’s a completely different story. We’d just load the destination and in seconds, a route would be plotted with our expected arrival time. All that’s left is for us to turn the music down enough to follow the robotic voice directions and boom – the Tron, here we come.

Going beyond guesswork

Most people buy their digital marketing with the same approach as my wayward friend. That is, aimlessly following people who they think are taking them along the right route. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a navigation system that directed your advertising spend to company profits with the same certainty as Google Maps? 

Last month, we used such a system to help a customer make the same profit in one month from their digital marketing as they did for the whole of the previous year. Now of course, your results may vary, and there are times that profits are super hard to find – but it’s still a better option than just following and hoping. 

Homing in on Destination Profit

Below is your (very summarised) guide on how to get an improved navigational toolkit for yourself.

First up, you need to activate your digital marketing version of a navigation tool: Google Analytics. Think of this as your Google Maps for online marketing. It sits on your website, capturing enough data to fill a virtual truck and trailer and then some. How many visitors your site gets, where they came from, what they looked at and for how long – plus much more.

Next, you need to set your destination. This is where the majority gets it wrong. Although my wayward navigator friend was looking to follow someone to Hamilton, that was not our final destination – we needed a specific office, four floors up in a building on the main street. Arriving in that fair river city was close, but not the end goal.

Similarly, in online marketing parlance, while you are going to be mildly interested in configuring your Google Analytics account to capture the quote request or phone call, that’s not the end. The end goal is when the person behind the quote or the call actually decides to purchase from you, and your company profits.

Once you have this feeding back into your digital marketing mapping, then you can summon some techno magic (with the help of our digital wizards at ARK Advance) and feed it into your digital advertising tools as well. Now your investment in advertising is tuned towards the activities that make you more money, and way from those that don’t. Dollar by dollar you move closer to reaching your final destination – maximum profits.

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