When someone asks you for a quote, it means they’re seriously considering doing business with you, but the deal isn’t closed yet. New customers can be won or lost at this stage and it’s important to get it right.

We’ve been using Quotient to provide our quotes for several years, and some of our clients are using it as well. It’s a breeze to use, offers a good range of custom options and makes it easy to create accurate and professional looking quotes.

When you send a quote using Quotient, your client receives an email with a link to view their quote, which will open and look good on any device.

You can let the client choose which items they want to include, and Quotient calculates the total price on the fly. This can be an elegant way to sell something extra, and can save the frustration of lots of back-and-forth emails. Plus, who doesn’t like a choice?

Clients can post questions directly on the quote, and your answers will form a ‘paper trail’ right through the sales process. You can see recently updated quotes, questions and notifications on your Dashboard, and you can search for and access all your previous quotes on the app.

The good news doesn’t end there though.

Our team can integrate this application with our website analytics tools to make it smarter still. Here’s how it works.

Say the prospect arrives on your website via a Google Ads click. They may end up contacting you on this visit or they may come back many times before they decide to complete a quote form or call your sales team.

Your team will chat to the prospect, perhaps visit their property or meet them in person at a showroom. All going well, this will end up with you sending them a quote. The prospect reviews this, ponders their choices and then, hopefully, approves your quote.

Our tools are “listening” for the quote approval action. Once this occurs, we update your advertising measurement tools to allocate that sale to the first traffic source that brought them to your website.

At the end of the month, you can see all the approved quotes and what advertising was responsible for each sale. It makes it super simple to allocate more advertising spend to places that give you more approved quotes.

As for the people who take a while to decide, we have that sorted

Prospects can take as long as they like to bounce in and out of your website. Weeks, months or years may pass between them starting their journey and deciding to make contact, but it doesn’t matter – we’ll always be able to determine their first step towards finding you.

If you don’t use Quotient, that’s okay too. Give us a call and we can chat through the options, as we’ve integrated with other quoting tools that may include yours.