2018: The year you come to grips with Google attribution modelling

February 9, 2018 ark-com

Last September I introduced attribution modelling, a newish Google tool that helps you understand to what extent each step on a customer journey has contributed to a sale. The better you understand this, the better able you are to allocate your ad spend appropriately to each step on the pathway. Although attribution modelling is far […]


Want to increase conversion rates? Check out Google’s updated marketing tool.

January 24, 2018 ark-com

In-Market Audiences is a powerful Google tool that helps you connect with potential customers at the perfect time – when they’re about to make a purchase decision. Launched in 2013 as In-Market Buyers, it was originally built on people’s queries and browsing history. These days, that operating principle remains but with much more power and […]


A new start for online sellers and shoppers alike

January 18, 2018 ark-com

While we’re passionate about online marketing, the reality is that most businesses that sell online also have a bricks and mortar presence. Often, the physical store still accounts for most revenue. If you’re in that camp, this article is for you. And it’s no accident that I’m writing it just after the silly season. A […]


How To Close Without Pushing

November 8, 2017 ark-com

Everyone loves making a sale, right? Well, pretty much everyone reading this blog does. As for me, I’ve built a business around helping you do that. For all the different things Ark Advance does – help you climb up the search rankings, make it easier for visitors to take action on your website, increase the […]


Artificial Intelligence, Google and Go (a not-so-scary peek into the future)

November 8, 2017 ark-com

If you’re a Go grand master, you may not like Artificial Intelligence right now. Not since the Google-designed AlphaGo trounced the world’s top player, Ki Jie, by 3 games to nil earlier this year. That came after it handed out a 4-1 beating to another top ranked player, Lee Sedol, in 2016. Or maybe you […]


Turning Bad News Into Good

October 25, 2017 ark-com

It takes guts to be in business. That applies regardless of whether you own the business or are responsible for some aspect of it. I see clients display that courage often. It typically happens when we’ve conducted a review of Google rankings for a business that hasn’t been active in this area. In those cases, […]


Attribution Modelling: The Keys To The Conversion Kingdom

September 21, 2017 ark-com

In my last blog, I talked about the importance and value of visitors who return to your website having not engaged with you on their previous visit. Having those people return is generally a good thing, since they’re more likely to buy or engage with you than even existing customers. And that means you want […]


Why Non-Customers Can Be Even More Valuable Than Customers

September 13, 2017 ark-com

Everyone loves regular customers, and rightly so. And if someone comes to your website but doesn’t do business with you, you at least want them to engage with you in some way, surely? By giving you their email address, for example, or requesting a free ebook.  All of that’s true, but it can obscure one […]