The Importance of Differentiation

March 25, 2019 ark-com

Vive la difference – even if it’s a tiny one. So after a lot of hard work, your website is on the first page of Google’s search results. Congratulations, it’s not a simple task. The problem now is that it is surrounded by your competitors. Will it stand out? Online marketing is a unique beast. […]

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How giving away freebies can grow your business

August 30, 2018 ark-com

No one ever became rich by giving things away for free… or have they? Although it’s counter-intuitive, a well thought-out campaign that gives away a “freebie” can make you money. Increases in leads, customers, and sales have all been proven to result from giveaway promotions, and all for a fraction of the usual marketing techniques. […]

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How much should I spend on digital marketing?

August 9, 2018 ark-com

Marketing is a key component of any business, but for a small and medium enterprise, finding the balance between spending and return on investment is tricky. And marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Not so long ago, marketing was about advertisements in magazines, radio, and TV. Only a few businesses were spending money […]

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Decisions, decisions! Social Media Marketing vs Search Marketing

July 24, 2018 ark-com

If you’ve ever wondered how much of your ad spend to put into search vs social media, you’re in good company. For many business managers, online’s mysterious enough without having to figure out how to divvy up your spend in that area. The good news is, the difference between search and social media is simple […]

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Google AdWords ad suggestions: Are the robots taking over?

July 16, 2018 ark-com

If you’re of a paranoid disposition, a recent AdWords announcement won’t be helping matters. In April, Google let advertisers know that if they didn’t optimise their ad groups themselves, Google would do it for them. Ad suggestions are ads created by Google on your behalf. And, unless you tell Google otherwise, Google will include those […]

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Murray Fulton: The Challenges of Growth

June 7, 2018 ark-com

This blog has been provided by a guest writer, Murray Fulton. Murray is an Advantage Business Director, Partner and Business Advisor who is passionate about helping SME business owners achieve their goals, and has worked with SME clients since 2005. In this article he shares some of his experiences working with clients who wish to […]

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Human Powered Keyword Research Tool

May 7, 2018 ark-com

Sometimes today we take it for granted just how easy it is to search Google and find something online. Want to order a pizza? Boom. The closest pizza place to your location, their website, and phone number. Easy. However, it wasn’t always like this. For those of us old enough to remember the early days […]


GDPR for Kiwis selling into Europe – is your business ready?

May 7, 2018 ark-com

On May 25 a new law will be passed in the European Union, one which will shake up online business around the world. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will make the consequences of failing to protect personal data far more serious. It may be a European Union law, but it will apply to anyone […]


Find Those Thinking But Not Searching – Custom Affinity Audiences from Google

April 6, 2018 ark-com

Many purchases are bought on impulse, and according to a recent survey, over two thirds of people who did impulse buy, did so because they were physically standing in a store. It’s a well-known marketing ploy; place inexpensive items near the checkout and people will tend to buy them. And it’s easy to see why. […]


Google Home – A Kiwi Experience

April 6, 2018 ark-com

About a year and a half ago, Google launched its rival to the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker called Google Home. As usual, New Zealand has been invited late to the party, and officially Google Home hasn’t been released here – but it is available in Australia. What is Google Home? Google Home is a […]