Want more sales leads from your website?

As more Kiwi’s move online each month – are you worried that your website is missing out on the action?

With the current uncertain economic outlook are you looking for ways to drive greater performance out of your internet presence?

Or finally, does the sales graph of your online e-commerce store resemble the flat plains of the Waikato rather than the steep upward climbs of the Southern Alps?

If You Answered "Yes" To Either Of These Questions, Then This FREE 60 Minute Webinar Is Just For You.

During this session you will learn

  • Your key success principles.  E-commerce and lead generating websites – what are the top four points you need to focus on for success in either area.
  • Proven action steps for you to apply.  Month one, two and three will be broken down in detail with a list of tasks shared for you to take away and apply to get things back on track. 
  • Case studies – three case histories that reveal different paths to success.  I’ll cover the problems that held them back, what they did to overcome them and share the results of their work.

Act fast if you want to apply this knowledge to your website.

Here Are The Upcoming Webinar Dates:

  • Thursday March 27th, 11:00am NZ Time 15 places available
  • Wednesday April 16th 2.00pm NZ Time 15 places available
  • Tuesday May 13th 11.00am NZ Time 15 places available
  • Tuesday June 10th 11.00am NZ Time 15 places available

Registrations will be taken on a first come first served basis. 

We will try to alter this sign up page as registrations come in so you can see the spaces available – everyone will receive an email confirming their registration status.

Why are there only 15 spaces available for each session?

On the Webinar I will use some rather cool technology so you see my computer screen as I take you through the presentation notes and on a tour of some websites that will help to further explain the points I cover.

Note: Webinar attendees will be sent a recording of all this on a CD Rom for later review.

Here’s a screen shot of the tool I will use for the webinar – note there’s space for just 16 sessions and I’ll grab one of these to run the show. 

So get in fast.

Not sure What a Webinar is?

No problem,  it‘s simple really.  "Webinar" is short for "web-based seminar".

Its an online seminar that you listen to through a normal phone line teleconference while also watching a my computer screen as I take you through the presentation.

I will provide you with a local phone number (Auckland – Wellington & Christchurch) which you will use to call plus FREE access to the screen sharing technology I use.

The Webinar will be recorded and made available on CD Rom  to those on the call.

To attend the meeting you need the following :

 Required: Website domain email address
(i.e. your e-mail address must match that of your website domain).
 Required: The ability to call a local No in either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

So what are you waiting for? Remember space is limited to just 15 attendees. 

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What are your most IMPORTANT QUESTION you have about Website Marketing?


Once we receive your details we will mail you out details of the call and a complimentary copy of our latest 8 page Website Marketing Update newsletter. You should receive this within  48 business hours from the receipt of your information.

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