Don’t get fooled by the techie sounding name – this is a report that delivers on quite a simple need.

Let’s say you ran a marketing PR campaign that delivered 2000 visitors to your website last Monday. Fresh from reading about in you in the newspaper they came a-visiting and did stuff. Some fortunate souls would have become a lead, others perhaps bought something, and the rest meandered in and then left hopefully a lot wiser.

So what do they do next week? Or the week after? Did they just arrive for the day and never come back again or did that PR do a great job and warm them up enough to entice them to return later and turn into great customers? This report helps you answer that question.

A cohort is a group of people defined by the date they arrived at your website. Cohort Analysis allows you to see how they perform after their arrival date based on criteria like website engagement, goal completions or session duration. You can view their performance individually, as a group and also in comparison with others in the group.

Handy stuff.