So who is on your website NOW? No need to guess – just head over to this report and all will be revealed. This is a great way to while away a few moments and look transfixed as people arrive and wander amongst your pages.

Some of the cool ways to use a report like this would be:

To validate that your tracking is working properly. Today I opened this report and picked up that a client’s mobile website wasn’t being tracked at all. I just opened up my smartphone, turned on my mobile data connection, browsed to their homepage and waited for me to turn up. I didnt.

Sit back and skite about how well your radio advertising worked as you “see” hundreds of new direct visitors arrive in abundance just minutes after your ad ran.

Double check that your Goal Tracking or Event Tracking is correctly configured. Just turn off any filters that could ignore your traffic (if, for example, you were on your work network) and then go ahead and register or complete a sale and see that the necessary Google Analytics goals are working.

Or sit back and while away the Friday afternoon as people take in all your great content.