Mastering Google Analytics on your own can be a challenge. Yes, there are tonnes of articles to wade through, hours of You Tube videos to keep you entertained, and lots to figure out as you browse your own reports. However, very rarely do you get the chance to look over the shoulder of somebody else’s account to see how they have managed their set up.

Well, wait no longer, people.

Google have just released a demo account that lets you view data from one of their own websites, the Google Merchandise store. Now you can browse their reports to see how Google themselves configure their own account.

Follow this link to get access and start browsing. Apparently, the Google Analytics installation will be fully complete this month, but for now you can still enjoy:

– The neat selection of dashboards they have installed

– Viewing the extra reports available with their enhanced ecommerce setup

– Note the goals they have set up

Have fun!

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