A/B Split Testing Services

Very rarely does the first version of a website or webpage achieve its maximum potential. Our split testing services take what was delivered first and tune it to become the best it can be. Usually this service is delivered as part of our conversion rate optimisation service.

We use a number of software tools to make testing as quick and simple as possible. Some rely on straightforward code changes to your website HTML, while others allow your design team to create alternative versions of pages that your Google Analytics account can use to manage the test for you.

The technology is the simple part; picking what to test and why requires more thought. Building on the expertise we’ve gained in interpreting your Google Analytics account, we create testing scenarios based on existing website behaviour. These scenarios are then rolled out in a progressive fashion. We start by testing big chunky design changes first, then get into finer detail as initial results come in.

A testing methodology is applied with all the accounts we regularly manage; we are always trying to squeeze more quotes, calls or clicks from your marketing dollar. Contact us today to learn more about this service. (And yes we have two versions of this page in testing at the moment…).


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