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Let our qualified and experienced team manage your Google AdWords advertising account with Google.

Our story with Google AdWords begins on September 16th, 2003. Back then Google AdWords was just three years old and we were 10 months into the life of the company. We were looking to grow the company and the clicks cost cents so you could learn with little chance of chewing through too much of your budget. How things have changed.

We have successfully established and managed hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns for a wide variety of industries across all business sizes. How we go about doing this is quite different than most.


We want you to own your advertising account and with it your campaign data.

It’s important to us that you have complete control and ownership of your advertising relationship with Google. There is some “ Google Love” (think reduced click costs) attributed to advertising accounts that present quality advertising. We think you should capture all the love you can.

Before we start we take the time to understand your business.

Our team are marketers first and technology people second. Therefore we need to understand what you sell and how you sell it before we can translate this into the advertising copy we write and the search terms we want to target.

Your campaign is built on a solid foundation of measurement.

Analytics – we like it so much it took the first letter of our name. We ensure any expenditure in Google AdWords can be adequately measured.

You can learn as much or as little as you want.

Our Group Training in Google AdWords is there for those who want to understand the how behind the why.

Monthly reporting that makes sense.

It takes two to make your campaign a success – you and us. Our monthly reporting is reliable, consistent and acts as the glue to bring us together on a regular basis to achieve ongoing growth.

You pay for what you get and can understand.

Usually it’s a fixed fee per month. There’s no percentage of advertising commission – just a retainer that is obvious to understand and profitable in its delivery.


Client Testimonials

Zac de Silva – International Business Coach of the Year Owner Business Changing, AccMe and Nurture Change 

“Chris and his business Ark Advance are the best Google Optimisation company (and more) that I have seen and I have seen lots and lots. Usually with my clients when I hear they want to involve a SEO/SEM company in their business I shudder, thinking they they are probably going to be talking to a cowboy who really is going to over-promise and under-deliver. So I put them onto Chris (who does my own equivalent Google work and I rate incredibly highly from my real life experience with Business Changing) and then I can relax as I know they will not be wasting their money and time with some digital cowboy out there, they will be working with the best of the best. I have many clients who work with Chris and the Ark Advance team and they are retaining my clients given they get results and are ahead of the pack in their knowledge of Google optimisation and their very proactive approach to working with customers and retaining them for life. If you want the best, look no further. Chris is a great and successful business person also and I believe that this helps to give Ark Advance that edge over competition. I look forward to recommending many more clients to Chris and Ark Advance.”

Phil – Aluro Healthcare
“We have seen very good sales results. The level of support is excellent. You are a very pro-active company and I feel we are in good hands. Your knowledge and opinion is highly rated.”

Murray Clark – Ricoh
“Improved results and it just happens in the background so we can get on with business as usual.”

Terry Roper Cash Relieve
“Good personal service. Responsive to my needs. Delivers results. Understands my business. Good value for money spent.”

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