On Page SEO

How to write content that both your prospects and Google love.

Without words your search optimisation efforts are sunk.

But it’s not just a case of filling your pages full with mindless text chock full of keywords. We have all experienced web pages like this – bland, monotonous and de-optimised for the people that really matter: your prospects.

Nope, your content needs to work for both Google and your prospects. Creating the right balance from the words you use is the outcome of this service area. It’s a subtle art in which we have over 14 years experience.

Here are a few of the important content areas we work on:

  • Meta Title and Meta Description
  • Content and Category Titles
  • Body Content
  • In-site linking; eg, linking between pages of your website
  • Text-based navigation options

We are flexible when it comes to the resources required for ongoing content creation. In most cases, the business principal knows the business better than us, so they need to be actively involved. How much depends on their availability; we can provide as much or as little support as required. Contact us today to learn more about our approach.


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