Remarketing / retargeting Services

Do you sell a product or service that people generally take some time considering before they buy? Perhaps a month or two is required; maybe longer? This can pose a distinct marketing challenge.

Let’s say, for example, that a prospect visits your website on day 1, pops back on day 7 and then, assuming they remember, arrive again on day 15 ready to take the next step. In most cases you are relying on just their memory to ensure your website gets those later visits.

Thankfully, remarketing can be applied to prompt them.

Once correctly configured, your remarketing / retargeting campaign will become your prospect’s regular little reminders to keep coming back to your website and (ideally) forget your competitors. Reminders usually take the form of banner ads that pop up around the internet on your prospect’s web browser. Or it could be search ads that are custom written to appeal to those who have visited your site before.

retargeting Services

We can define the audiences we want to advertise to based on their behaviour with your:

  • website
  • email marketing
  • YouTube channel

We can display remarketing across the following environments:

  • websites within the Google Display Network
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google Search Advertising

Across these environments we can display the following types of advertisement:

  • Fixed Banner Ads
  • Animated Banners
  • Responsive Ads that work across both Desktop and Mobile
  • Text Ads
  • Video

For instance, we can display different types of search advertising to those who have visited your website than we do to those who have not.


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