Template creation and training

Our custom designed templates and the training that follows will fast track your way into email marketing.

This service is ideal when you want to take on some of the tasks needed to build a professional looking email campaign. We will design and create a template for your next email newsletter and house it in an email marketing application chosen to match your requirements.

Once that’s done we will then train you on how to set up and send your first campaign. This will include populating your new template with text and images, as well as uploading a list of opted-in contacts.

Thereś no “unsend” in email marketing – once your campaign is sent thereś no getting it back. With this in mind, our training includes the exact process we apply to ensure things go smoothly!

And itś not all over once you have hit the send button. Our team will help you successfully integrate your email marketing application with your Google Analytics account. That way, you can accurately track the behaviour of your subscribers as they click on the links in your newsletter and visit your website.

This service area includes:

  • Professionally designed, mobile friendly, email newsletter templates
  • Custom selected email marketing software applications to suit your budget and requirements
  • Comprehensive training on how to send your first message
  • How to track the complete path of your subscriber by creating an analytics bridge between your email and website analytics application.

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