Currently the Price Household is under siege on Wednesday and Thursday evening by a reality TV program.   This one has four couples pitched against each other as they all renovate one of four houses along the same street in Auckland’s North Shore.   Naturally being “reality TV” there’s a fair bit of drama along the way.

From the comfort of my lounge room It all looks like a lot of hard and stressful work.  And while my friends have moved walls, changed roof lines and even created large spaces where once there was grass.  For me slapping on some fresh paint is the start and end of my renovating experience.   Even so – renovating looks a fair bit easier than starting with a bare piece of landing and building from scratch.

Renovate or re-build– now which one would you prefer?  Yep – renovating seems a bit nice now doesn’t it?  Well fortunately the same applies to your website.

Nevertheless when most begin a project to improve their own website’s performance they are often convinced that a re-build is their only choice.  Well fortunately it isn’t – website renovation is alive and well.  You just need to find someone capable to do it for you.

But before you start on your quest here’s a few pointers on why website renovation makes so much sense.   

Let’s start with the good old standard Pareto 80/20 principle in which we are told that 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results.  The classic 80/20 rule.  Well it’s alive and well in website marketing too.  Here we see it showing that 20% of your site’s content will positively affect 80% of the site’s lead generating performance.   So you don’t need to optimise all of your content – just the 20% that makes the most difference.

And of this 20% that needs work; about 80% will be contained within your text and copy.  Those niggling bits of content that work their socks off convincing your visitors to fill in the form or submit the page.  Usually they don’t take long to update within an existing design.   So unless your online brand imagery is completely wrong and therefore desperately needs updating you can leave the images and colours alone.  Just renovate the right words the right way and experience some positive change.

Then there’s the overarching requirement to do more for less when it comes to online marketing.   Renovating isn’t just so much more time efficient then rebuilding – it’s also a lot less risky.  I have seen a number of website development projects in my 12 years of experience.  Unfortunately it seem the minority that have been managed well and arrive well within budget and expected time frames.    Some are a few weeks late – others a bit longer and then there are those that end up with both parties facing off for a commercial punch up.

So there you go three reasons why website renovation is alive and well and possibly well worth considering for your next web optimisation project.   Permission has been in the web renovation space since we started in 2002.  We have taken on a whole range of websites across a multitude of content management systems.  So far nothing has fazed the team.

Why not contact us today if rebuilding seems like the only option available to achieve your web marketing goals.  You never know there could be an easier way ahead.