You don’t have brochure marketing, or sales person marketing so why website marketing?

Website marketing is there for those that want their website to both “tell” and “sell” their product and service. As you can imagine, not everyone fits into this category.

But for those that do then our website marketing process is an ideal way to get those idle web pages working and selling as hard as they can.

Our programs fit into two areas of website marketing.

The first service offering focuses on delivering a growing amount of new traffic to your website. The second helps you convert this traffic into prospective sales leads.

The graphic below outlines our overall approach to website marketing.

Website traffic comes from four main areas (shown by the arrows above). This traffic passes through some tracking tools so we can determine its quantity and origination.

These new visitors now work their way through web pages, pondering content that is specifically designed to appeal to those that you would classify as “warm” prospects.

By reading these pages they are enticed to register and turn themselves from anonymous website browsers into known sales leads.

A further much smaller group work deeper into the site and make themselves known as what you would call “hot” prospects that want what you offer now.

Our job is to help you apply this website marketing methodology to either your existing or proposed new website. We do this already for a growing number of clients from different industries both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Make contact with us today if you would learn more about how we can help you.

To test our thinking we are offering the option to subscribe to two email delivered mini-courses that may help you start on your own website marketing journey – you can find more information on these below.

All the best

Chris Price
Permission NZ Ltd
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01 Course 1: Web site Lead Generation.

Can your Web site work harder to deliver you more sales leads? This course outlines the basic theory around on-line lead generation and steps you through a simple methodology for you to apply.

Course subjects include:

  • A proven methodology for on-line lead generation
  • The six common options used to attract prospects
  • How a registration page can make or break your sales efforts.
  • Managing the follow-up process
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02 Course 2: Professional Email Marketing

A course suited to both those already involved or soon to start their own email marketing efforts. This course helps marketers build a solid foundation of competency to ensure that future investments in both time and money are well placed to succeed.

Course subjects include:

  • The basics of an effective on-line communications plan
  • Producing content that gets read
  • Helping you chose the right tools for the job
  • A checklist to follow when sending your messages
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