Imagine you hire, at some expense, a highly rated and expert staff member to transform your business. Do you bring them into the fold, ensuring they have access to all the information and tools they need?  Or do you thank them for joining you and then seat them in the basement with an offline PC?

Like any other resource (especially human), optimisation partners like Ark Advance can deliver better results when we are in the loop and informed, rather than working in isolation. This doesn’t need to involve long meetings or complex reporting – in fact, it’s usually as simple as pushing one button.

Last month, we launched two new feedback tools for our clients to use in strengthening the performance of their online marketing. These tools rely on our clients working with us in partnership, by letting us know the quality (i.e. sales potential) of each enquiry generated by their various advertising efforts.

Let’s start with phone enquiries, which can range in quality from a momentary whim to a ready and willing purchaser. As you may know, we are able to track when a phone call is made by someone linking from one of your marketing campaigns. This allows us, for example, to know that we sent 200 phone calls into a company directly from their Google ads. 

Impressive as that may be, we have now extended this capability further. Now, when the call terminates, our clients can quickly use their phone to score the quality of that lead. This score is then automatically fed back into their advertising system, so that we can adjust where their future ads will go and tune their overall digital marketing presence to generate more high-quality leads.

The same applies for leads that come from forms submitted through the website. As well as knowing which ad brought them there, we can also allow our clients to score the quality of the lead, quickly and easily online, so that they’re likely to get more solid business leads and fewer tyre-kickers in future.

By using these feedback channels, our clients can begin to analyse and target their ad spending more accurately, based on actual sales likelihood.

Chances are, you’re not that business that hires an industry guru and then parks them in the basement. So talk to us about how these new tools could work for you. With a few very easy steps, providing feedback on your leads can increase the value of every ad you buy, and generate more satisfying sales conversations.